Recently, we began enhancing our Angelic Reiki classes with Ascension Activation Meditations. The specific meditations we have chosen to use were created to connect us to the vibration of the different Rays of Service and we couple each one with its corresponding Creative Meditation, which introduces us to the Ascended Master of each specific Ray.

So far, this addition has been extremely effective and highly celebrated during our weekend retreat classes. In addition to connecting to the Angelic Realm through Angelic Reiki attunements, our students are connecting to and identifying with the vibration and intent of the individual Rays of Service. The introduction to the Ascended Masters is often a warm, comfortable and moving experience.

We will be continuing to use these meditations in our current and future classes. One of the most important things we hope to impart to our students during our workshops is the importance of finding spiritual autonomy and these meditations assist us in providing an understanding of the many different spiritual paths and teachers that can be accessed when we are in alignment with our own highest potential and our higher Selves.