Recently, Sandi and I were blessed with meeting and beginning to work with a wonderful young mother. This single mother of a little girl, who we will call Beth, was diagnosed with stage IV ovarian cancer just two months before we began our work with her. Though she was terrified that she would not survive her health challenge to see her daughter grow up, she was equally determined to live and gives everything she has to her sessions. She is a perfect candidate for holistic healing.

There is a wonderful, happy ending to this healing story. Beth is in complete recovery. She received the hybrid system of Emotion Code / Body Code and Reiki that we offer at Compass Rose, along with a complete hysterectomy and chemotherapy, as prescribed by her excellent team of health care providers.

Beth worked with us in order to work with her body and, along with the allopathic methods she was committed to, she now has a bright future. I consider Beth to be her own primary reason for thriving today. The physicians, care providers, treatments, and the work Sandi and I provided, couldn’t have “done it” without her complete cooperation on the Soul level. Her determination and participation were the primary, key ingredient for her recovery.

Beth’s emotional history included infertility. She was at war with her ovaries for “refusing to allow conception”. I guided Beth to talk with her ovaries to make peace with, let go of, and accept her body with love. We both felt the release as the hostility left her body. There is no doubt in my heart and soul this healing was key in her recovery.

Beth is a miracle and we are so very grateful for her recovery and for everything that she has taught us about the fortitude of Spirit. We are also grateful for the reminder that we all can be miracles.

Sandi and I work with clients who experience trapped emotions related to mental, emotional, and physical trauma that has manifested in dis-ease and who are facing medical challenges. Some of our clients are chronically dis-eased and treat their imbalances with medications that do not produce wellness for them. We absolutely work to compliment allopathic care but sometimes the cause for illness is simply energetic, which is why we do what we do.