Hailey Arsenault

Hailey Arsenault Reiki Sessions for Kids

Hailey Arsenault is a Reiki Master and crystal healer. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest gave her an insatiable craving for nature and discovering the intrinsic flow that gives it life. We each have that same life force within us and she is on a mission to make it flourish. Hailey continues her constant fascination with life's transformative beauty, through her Reiki sessions for children, and through teaching crystal and kids reiki classes. She is honored to witness empowerment take root, and grateful for her journey with each of you.

Throughout her whole life, Hailey deeply felt the world's need for healing, and initiated her mission to serve in 2013. After opening a consciously curated rock shop and attending numerous classes on healing and crystals, her involvement with Compass Rose began in 2015. Upon seeing the miracles a few Reiki sessions provided, she knew she had found her calling. That same year, Hailey became a Usui Reiki practitioner, and upon completion of additional mastery classes, became an Angelic Reiki Master in 2018. A lifetime student, she has been expanding her research and offerings ever since.

Hailey brings a unique and fun perspective to holistic healing for children. She believes every session should be creative, approachable, and in a safe space. In her work with children, she honors their spirit and what makes them tick. A 40 minute session with her begins with an insightful conversation with the parent, followed by a fully customized Reiki session for the little one on the soft Amethyst Bio-Bed. She welcomes all with love and specializes in assisting children with ADD, ADHD, and kids on the Autistic spectrum.

Devoted to sharing the message of healing, Hailey also offers classes for adults and children. In the Crystal Allies course, she crosses the threshold with adults seeking the next level in their Reiki healing journey. Here, she shares advanced techniques on working with the mineral kingdom and illuminates what blessings they have to offer us. Children have every right to discover their unique gifts too. Hailey passes on the art of empowerment, intuition and harmony in her Usui Reiki classes for kids.

"You were born to thrive and flourish. You deserve to conquer your wildest dreams. Beleive in yourself, because I do." ~ Hailey Arsenault, RMT

We have an additional entrance to accommodate our clients with physical limitations or who have difficulty with stairs.

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