Very few people experience life without major challenges. Most will agree that relationships can be our most difficult experiences. Our lives are formed by relationships to our parents, children, friends and life partners. Wounds left unhealed determine the kind of intimate relationships we draw into our lives. Health and financial challenges add to our collective emotional pain which is held within our Heart Wall. According to Dr. Brad Nelson, 93% of people have Heart Walls. It is within this emotional container that our trapped emotions are held making healthy relationships and success in life difficult to attain.

Our trapped emotions will keep us stuck in our past and limited by dysfunctional relationships. Our lack of self esteem will prevent us from attaining success and, eventually lead to poor health.

The choices we make are often based on our history, when we could and should be creating our best lives in present time. We are not meant to stay wounded, however, without healing at a Soul level we will carry our pain into our daily lives.

The wounds of our wars and battles regardless whether we are the “good guy” or not, and despite whether we “won or lost” our confrontations can be released and healed with Compass Rose healing modalities provided by Stacia and Sandi.

Sandi Fornwalt, RMT and Stacia Zadra, RMT have developed a unique hybrid of modalities complemented by their strong intuitive skills. Sandi’s years of experience providing Emotion Code and Body Code therapies complemented by Stacia’s intuitive nature and her empathic approach to Angelic Reiki healing provide Compass Rose clients with a tandem healing experience that is both unique and effective.

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