Upon experiencing trauma, the soul will often attempt to protect itself by withdrawing part of it's energy. This is often referred to as “soul loss” and can be brought on by a wide range of occurrences, including abuse, loss, and debilitating illness or injury. 

Symptoms of soul loss are also widely varied and are very similar to those of depression and disassociation (both of which can be caused by soul loss.)

The process of retrieving the withdrawn pieces of a Soul and reuniting them with the whole is called Soul Retrieval. Traditionally a Shamanic healing modality, Soul Retrieval is now being practiced more commonly and by a much wider range of practitioners.

Energy workers and alternative medicine practitioners are becoming more aware of the potency and success of the Soul Retrieval and integrating it into the services that they already offer. 

We will be teaching this and other techniques at our Advanced Healing Techniques Workshop.