The Healing of Our Time - The Evolution of Reiki

Evolution of Reiki

Reiki was reintroduced in 1922 to a world recovering from the loss and horror of WWI. Dr. Usui was given the consciousness of Reiki and it's symbols to share with the world. It offered a vehicle to begin the journey of healing and of raising the vibration, a vehicle that was accessible to people still living in a state of unease. Because of its use of symbols and the tradition of the practitioner directing the energy, there is a mental aspect to Usui Reiki. Though any healing modality is inherently intuitive, when a practitioner is directing the session and the energy, they must remain in the thinking or mental mind to do it. That trait, that small bit of mental control, is what made Usui Reiki perfect for the time; it would be overwhelming to ask humanity to jump from the state of mental and emotional trauma directly into a state of Divine Love. That would be like asking someone at the bottom of a staircase to skip the first 10 steps up. What Usui offered was the first step, which is to heal the Self. It also leads into the next step, which is beginning to heal others once you have first taken care of yourself. The emphasis is on healing, recovering and correcting using primarily a hands-on method, though there is a distance symbol. This happens physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Usui began the path of understanding and working with vibrational energies that are higher than what was expected to be the experience of everyday life, a way out of the quicksand. Western Reiki (which differs from the original Usui teachings) puts less emphasis on the development of the Spiritual Self than its original form, though it usually acts as a catalyst for spiritual growth.

After humanity was given time to integrate the teachings of the foundational and masculine Usui, it was time to merge into the nurturing and feminine Karuna®. In 1995, the introduction of Karuna®, which literally means "compassionate action", marked the reintroduction of the Divine Feminine. Humanity, as a whole, was ready to step on to the next flight of the vibrational staircase; Love. To have compassion is, ultimately, to love another as you love yourself, the result of which is the ability to sympathize. The key, however, is to do this with neutrality. Karuna® focuses on the idea of Divine connection without attachment, sympathy and empathy without personal involvement, and removes the practitioner from a space where they believe that they are responsible for another's state of being or healing. Karuna® also uses a primarily hands-on approach, though there is emphasis on past-present-future healing as well as manifesting.

Usui Reiki and Karuna® Reiki can be seen as two halves of one whole; the masculine and the feminine, the structural and the fluid. Both of these modalities have been essential to creating and maintaining a vibration that could support the next phase of planetary ascension; non duality. In 2002, Kevin Core brought in Angelic Reiki and with it the consciousness of, and connection to, higher vibrational beings. Humanity, as a whole, has entered into Ascension and has been given access to the Higher Self, Ascended Masters, Guides, Soul Group, Angels and countless other resources. The emphasis of Angelic Reiki falls less on healing and more on ®waking up® as a conscious Light Being. Angelic Reiki is extremely powerful as a healing modality, however, the attraction to Angelic usually stems from the desire to expand awareness.

There is a hands-on healing option, but it is often substituted for the more intuitive and creative healing techniques. Importance is placed on the healing that takes place through and surrounding a person when they step into their own Divine Grace and Light and the effect that this has on our ascending planet.

This modality comes to us now, as the healing of our time, because humanity has reached a turning point in its history. We are moving out of all former thought systems and into the age of manifestation of the Divine in physical form. We are moving into a new physicality and being given access to our full energetic, intuitive and spiritual abilities. Angelic Reiki is not only the means to unlock our full potential but it is also the tool that will allow us to hone and strengthen our individual gifts, as well as our connection to the higher vibrational realms and to each other.

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