Biocharger NG

The BioCharger NG is the only health optimization platform of its kind. The BioCharger NG is a combination of outside energy sources that replicate, optimize, and amplify nature’s energies. These transmitted energies have been proven to restore strength, stamina, coordination, and mental clarity.

The BioCharger NG utilizes four different energy types – Light, Voltage, Frequencies & Harmonics, and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs). As individual energies, each has its fair share of supported research, however, the BioCharger NG is the first energy platform of its kind to incorporate all four of these beneficial energies into one platform.


Not the light of a lightbulb or the Sun – but naturally occurring element gases vibrating at the speed of light including Argon, Xenon, Krypton, Neon, Helium, and Mercury – produce the Light component of the BioCharger. While they may look just like the infamous northern lights, they are programmed to do much more than amaze us.

Frequencies & Harmonics

Frequencies & Harmonics found in nature are produced by electric discharge from natural phenomena like lightning strikes within our solar systems and beyond. Each lightning discharge generates random frequencies and harmonics making it nearly impossible to target specific frequencies for particular outcomes directly from nature. The BioCharger NG harnesses electric discharge to deliver customized frequencies and harmonics with unlimited benefits.


The voltage supplied by the BioCharger NG is similar to the lightning discharges on earth and other naturally occurring cosmic events such as solar flares. These cosmic phenomena create a voltage field upwards of hundreds of millions of volts within our atmosphere.

Voltage is vital to our everyday cellular process and is a regular aspect of our nutrition. Electrolytes like magnesium and potassium create electrical charges within the cell to open the cell membrane allowing for open pathways for detox and cell rejuvenation.


For the same reason, individuals practice "Earthing" or "Grounding"; the BioCharger allows for an amplified and optimized transfer of electrons in and around your body without ever leaving the house. Unlike most PEMF devices, the BioCharger NG software fine-tunes PEMF therapies to different frequencies throughout each session without needing to be attached to any devices.

Biocharger NG Services

Pre-scheduled Theme Hours These are set for up to 8 people throughout the day.

Sessions are up to 45 Minutes for 2 to 8 people - $40 per person

Current themes scheduled:

  • Atheletic Recover - Restore and Rebuild
  • Relax and Destress
  • Body/Mind/Spirit - Gift of the Spirit
  • Body/Mind/Spirit - Insight and Guidance
  • Chakra Balancing/Chakra Harmonics
  • Recharge and Reset - Short but Impactful
  • Weight Loss and Weight Management
  • More to come...

Private Sessions - $75 for one person | $50 per person for 2 or more

Sessions are approximately 45 Minutes depending on the programs chosen. These are prescheduled so we can reserve the room for an hour for you.

We'll need to a short phone consult so we can prepare your programs beforehand.

Save With a Package! 8 Privates Sessions for $400 (A Savings of $200)

Add-on/Same Day Appointments - $40

Sessions are approximately 20-25 minutes depenging on the programs chosen. Call for a time where you can stop in for a short (1-2 programs). We'll need to a short phone consult so we can prepare your programs beforehand.