Healing, growth, and expanded consciousness can be a beautiful experience when supported by others who have walked the path. Stacia’s life experiences have given her “earth school” credentials and wisdom that is meant to be shared. Our Lifestyle Mentorship modality is made to be personalized and provided with grace, ease, and perfect timing for gentle integration and a positive outcome for you.

  • About you, for you
  • A holistic modality addressing Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Remember who you are and your Life Purpose
  • Developing your conscious awareness
  • Finding your "False Identities"
  • Releasing obstacles to your growth
  • Finding joy in life, relationships, and in you
  • Ascension mentoring
  • Spiritual Awakening, Healing & Enlightenment
  • Discovering your Divine Potential
  • Laying a foundation for your Spiritual Journey
  • Emotional Well-being

This is not "talk therapy", but it is a focus on you, your present experiences, and how your "life lessons" can be seen through a new perspective and released gently and effectively.

Stacia’s Personalized Lifestyle Mentorship modality is provided in a safe and nurturing environment. Source Healing, Your Sacred Contract, and other energetic modalities including BioWell, BioCharger NG, and Lucia Light therapies can support and complement the work that is tailored for each individual.

For over 18 years, Stacia Zadra has practiced her healing gifts through Compass Rose Healing Arts. Compass Rose is a leader in Spokane’s holistic community of care providers and healing practices. Stacia has an innate ability to intuitively listen to an individual’s experience and their Soul’s insight to make the path of mentoring a deep and meaningful experience. It is not only the human journey, it is also the Soul’s path on Earth.

Personalized Lifestyle Mentorship is the culmination of 18 years of service through Compass Rose Healing Arts. I don’t recall a day when I was not called to help in some way, be it for an individual or for many. Service is in my heart, and Compass Rose is all of me. I am forever humbled for the opportunity to serve humanity as we walk this path towards enlightenment, equality, love and compassion. Begin where you are today, and collectively we can make this world one of Light. My piece of this puzzle is to meet you where you are to guide, mentor, and provide you with a means of healing your human experience to enable you to be all you came to this beautiful plane of humanity to be.

On a practical level, my gifts and skills provide assistance to heal from your human experience, clear out what no longer serves - including karma - and enable you to become a conscious vibratory being on the ascension path. We are now able to go beyond the external experiences of past lives and live from within as divine beings. This allows you to create the life you long to live - the time has come for this to become your reality. It is no longer a mystery, but rather your destiny.~ Stacia

Personalized Lifestyle Mentorship 90 Minute Sessions - $145