Remote Healing Sessions

We are so happy that our work is recognized outside of our local area. The interest in our service is a wonderful thing. We are pleased to announce we are now meeting the needs of seekers of health and healing outside of the Spokane area via distance healing.

Reiki occurs outside of time and space. It is a natural life force energy that is within us and around us - always. Reiki energy is Divine and it is in all of us - it surrounds us with love. Within this space of healing we can work with you on an energetic, subconscious and cellular level. The weight of the history you have carried within and without your energy field and body can be released. We replace the trapped emotions with healing Grace to allow for ongoing healing and health.

Our clients include people with emotional imbalances, and many with acute and chronic physical issues. With our complementary care, our clients enjoy the combination of traditional, mainstream medicine from physicians and synergistic energy medicine provided by Compass Rose's skilled and experienced practitioners.

A remote healing session will bring us together for an hour. We will begin with a brief conversation and then move into remote work on your behalf. We would ask that you be in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed by family, cell phones or other distractions. It will be best for you to lie down.

Following the treatment and integrative rest time, we will share with you what we did, what your Soul shared with us and what was released from your energy field.

You are invited to call our office for information to decide if remote care resonates for you. We can discuss fees, receive payment and schedule your treatment(s) at that time. We may ask for a picture of you and for a linking object to be used during your session.

You are encouraged to take charge of your total well being - be empowered and be well.

Remote Healing Testimonial

I have lived with depression and anxiety my entire life. Stacia's gift of Reiki and Sandi's Body Code/Emotion Code treatments have helped me overcome something I never thought possible. I feel lighter; the weight of my worry and shame is gone. My relationships with friends and loved ones have changed. I feel strong enough to be my genuine self without fear of judgement or rejection. I am liberated and so very thankful. Love and light to all, J.C., Lopez Island, WA