Healing, guidance, and support for navigating your best life.

The individual sessions we offer here at Compass Rose can be provided as conversation and/or Emotion Code/Body Code therapies with Reiki and additional intuitive modalities to support and transcend issues and hindrances.

We see people with ongoing emotional issues that prevent living authentically as an individual and within a relationship and/or family setting. Many of our clients experience health issues as a result of ongoing, unresolved mental and emotional complaints. The therapies we offer at Compass Rose provide solutions and transcendence regarding the difficulties we as humans naturally encounter on the road of life.

We are all conscious beings with mental, emotional, and physical challenges that can and do respond to a non-traditional, holistic approach.

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Steps You Can Take Towards Wellness

Synergistic Angelic Reiki

The blending of Reiki with Emotion Code techniques creates a deep and efficient healing environment. Stacia uses Reiki to create a sacred space and holds the vibration, allowing your subconscious to gently release toxins while Sandi uses the Emotion Code and Body Code therapies to release trapped emotions from your energy field and your body.

Release Trapped Emotions

The Emotion Code/Body Code releases trapped emotions that cause physical pain, emotional distress and/or mental or behavior issues. Receive healing where emotions once were trapped.

Let Go of Addictive Heart Energies

The emotions trapped in our Heart Wall, organs and body tissues prevent us from an authentically expressed life. This results in obstacles that prevent us from achieving our full potential.

Attend Our Classes/Workshops

We believe there is no better way to empower our clients than to encourage enlightenment and education through Angelic Reiki classes, Sacred Contracts workshops and our monthly Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring™ workshops.

Complement Your Care

Our culture is increasingly aware of alternative and complementary means for physical health care. The energy healing modalities available at Compass Rose can be of assistance to an individual facing health challenges according to their conscious connection to their mind, body and Spirit. A complement to allopathic medicine, including prescriptive medications, can include energy work provided by a skilled energy healer. Angelic Reiki healing as an energy healing modality can be beneficial as a component of full spectrum health care.

Ongoing Support

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Upcoming Classes

angelic reiki students

Our Angelic Reiki instructors teach the original method of Angelic Reiki, as channelled by Kevin Core. We offer a variety of Angelic Reiki classes and spirituality workshops at Compass Rose. Sacred Contracts classes and Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring™ all day workshops are also available.

Sacred Contracts Workshop

Sacred Contracts

3 Day Workshop
Compass Rose Valley Location
10/4/19 - 10/6/19

We all want to understand our purpose in life and how we might serve the world. We wonder why we are given the gifts and skills we have, and often why we don't have the ones we want. Even more often, we wonder why life hasn't gone the way we would like it go. Understanding your personal sacred contract will give you expanded awareness and consciousness making your life more joyful.

Angelic Reiki Self Care

Angelic Reiki I & II

Self Healing and Practitioner
Compass Rose Valley Location
11/8/19 - 11/10/19

The Level I/II Angelic Reiki class supports the personal spiritual path. There are three Attunements given as well as instruction on self healing and distance healing.

The attunements - which connect students with Healing Angels who will then work with each individual on a permanent basis - incorporate Reiki symbols attuned through the Angelic vibration.

Soul Guidance Sacred Mentoring Workshop

Crystal Goddess 888

Heal Your Heart
Compass Rose Valley Location
Date To Be Announced

So many of us are feeling stressed by the chaos in our world. Some of us project this stress into our personal relationships and daily lives. This workshop is set to free you from the confusion you experience while giving you a part to play in healing the brokenness that divides us..

Leading the Way

Our Success Story Can Be Yours

Before Compass Rose was holistic healing center or a community of spiritual seekers, it was an idea that began its formation in my home in 2006, where I taught Sacred Contracts classes and provided Reiki healing sessions. At that time I was deep into a personal transition and, though I was unclear of where I was going, I was being led by my passion to help others.

Within a year I was able to begin my practice outside of my home while continuing a consulting career in health care and maintaining a full time position within a private health care practice. Here, I secured the personal income that would allow me to build Compass Rose, A Holistic Healing Center, Inc.

Making It Happen

We can all remember the Great Recession that arrived in 2008. Looking back to 2009, I realize I moved into what would be our first Compass Rose home during a time when many people were experiencing a loss of home, health, finances and relationships. Looking back, I also know it was my passion to help others that fueled my efforts to launch a holistic healing center in a town that wasn't necessarily looking for such a service. Only in hindsight can I see that the timing was perfect.

In spite of a financial recession, Compass Rose continued to grow, and in 2013, we moved to a larger space where we are able to serve more clients and teach classes on self growth and empowerment. It became clear to me that our Spokane community was ready to search outside of customary means to take control of their lives.

Where We Are Now

Today, our clients include every day people seeking alternative and complementary means to heal chronic depression, addiction issues, relationship and financial challenges, and health crises.

Men and women alike are turning to the solutions we offer to change their lives and find peace. We work with children, teens and young adults. We enjoy athletes and entrepreneurs. We love working with professionals. While our clientele began with more women than men, we now see as many men as we do women for Reiki infused Emotion Code & Body Code treatments.

Looking at where we are now and how far we have come, I have so much gratitude for the guidance and the support I was given to set my life's purpose into motion. Considering that Compass Rose began in my home and became its own entity during the Great Recession, the fact that this practice sits where it does today is confirmation that all things are possible.

Every day I witness forward movement and participate in the growth and expansion of people who are ready for something more. That something is available at Compass Rose, it's what we do. We pledge to continue to enhance our skills and our abilities, and to provide our awakening world with tools for healing and a path towards peace. It's time. ~ Stacia Zadra, Founder and Director

Updates and Latest Blogs

We Don't Heal Alone

We Don't Heal Alone

Both Sandi and I have lived through our share of challenging life experiences. Some have been traumatic, and each one has made us stronger. We both feel blessed to have come through our experiences with with the gifts of compassion, understanding and non-judgement. We are well equipped to hear and relate to the issues many people are living through now. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, relationship issues, and spiritual crises are present for men, women, and children. The time to heal is now.

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The Gift of Free Will

Each of us, as spiritual beings embarking on a human experience, are given the irrevocable gift of Free Will. Earth is a Free Will Zone. As sovereign beings, we are independently free to experience life without interference from any divine being, including our personal guidance and guardian angels. The exception would be our personal prayer to our guidance for a divine intervention.

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Healing the Human Experience

To heal is to become whole again. To be healed is to be of unified body, mind and spirit. The path is not one to be taken alone, but to be taken with supportive, compassionate beings who have walked the path before you. I know both personally and professionally that it is vital to choose a healer who has lived the human experience, and who have healed from their own challenges.

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