Holistic Treatments

Our goal is Whole Being Wellness - physical, emotional, and spiritual health through Magnified Healing®, Angelic Reiki, Massage, and other healing modalities.

We are honored to be part of your healing path and to compliment any medical care you may be receiving. We welcome people facing health challenges including cancer, depression, diabetes, chronic pain, etc. and will work in concert with your choices and the recommendations made by your physician.

Our philosophy for fees: Our intention at Compass Rose is to provide excellence in service and caring. Our fees are set to support Compass Rose while maintaining a reasonable fee structure for our clients.

We are happy to say that our services are not controlled by health insurance companies. We are grateful to be free from a third party administrator who could interfere with this deeply personal process.

Magnified Healing®

magnified healing treatments

This healing method fills with perfection the physical and subtle bodies. In treating the subtle bodies, old thought forms, habits, and belief systems are released and new patterns are stabilized, and actively sealed by the Golden Christ Energy.

Sessions are scheduled at Compass Rose and provided on site or remotely. There may be times when additional sessions are required to address a current need or intention. For example, when working with a client with an imbalance of cancer or an auto immune disease, sessions may be needed to clear the foundational reason for the imbalance.

Magnified Healing® sessions are very helpful for acute mental, emotional or physical issues. A physical injury, a recurring migraine headache or acute anxiety can be addressed on a "day of" basis. Call our office when a need arises and we will do our best to schedule you right away.

Regardless of where we meet you - on site or remotely - Magnified Healing® is profound and meaningful experience.

Remote Magnified Healing® appointments will begin with a phone consultation. The client is advised to rest during the session. At the end of the session, there will be a follow up phone call.

You can find more information about Magnified Healing® sessions and workshops here

Initial Session - $135.00 | Follow up Sessions - $95.00

Angelic Reiki

angelic reiki practitioner

An Angelic Reiki session - with one of our certified Angelic Reiki Master/Teachers, includes personal coaching, setting of intention, and deep energy healing.

Much more than a healing modality, Angelic Reiki is a profound, very high frequency, multidimensional system of healing and consciousness expansion that is developmental on many levels.

What sets Angelic Reiki healing apart is the pure Divine vibration that is stepped down through the Angelic Kingdom during a treatment to focus powerfully on root causes. Each person responds to the Divine vibration in accordance with their own level of development, and the healing vibration feels noticeably different to that of any other modality.

Initial Session - $135.00 | Follow up Sessions - $95.00

Crystal Therapy with Angelic Reiki

crystal therapy and reiki

Why crystals and why now? Now more than ever, crystals carry the message that speaks to our soul, our DNA and our human-ness to guide us into this new Golden Age. The perfect crystal, or crystals, the perfect grid, the perfect theme for your healing will be determined at the beginning of your session.

Combined with the skills and experience of our practitioners, and the modality of Angelic Reiki, the crystal energy will contribute to an environment and create a healing experience for your best and highest good as set forth in an intention.

Initial 90-Minute Session - $135.00 | Follow up Sessions - $95.00

Spiritual Counseling & Empowerment Sessions

spiritual counseling and empowerment

Life presents opportunities for growth everyday. We are here to enhance the potential your life experiences offer to heal past and present conditions, and alter your future. Life presents &the same& because we haven’t changed our patterns. Our approach provides an intuitive means of listening, counseling and empowering to create new beginnings and long-term positive lifestyles.

Sessions provided by Compass Rose Healing Arts professionals - Stacia Zadra, ARMT & Daniel Naccarato, ARMT
Sacred Empaths, Sacred Alchemists & intuitive Healers

More information here

Available Remotely or In-Person

Cost Per 75-Minute Session - $110.00 | 6-Session Prepaid Package - $550.00

Massage Therapy

dan naccarato massage spokane

We are so grateful to welcome Dan Naccarato to our Compass Rose family. Dan brings special gifts, intuitive awareness, and integrity that we have searched for with an eye on our future as a growing practice. After training with us, Dan now joins our classes as an Angelic Reiki teacher, mentor, and guide during our trainings and our Reiki Shares and also as a co-teacher in our Magnified Healing® workshops.

You can read more about Dan here

60 Minute Sessions - $80.00 | 90 Minute Sessions - $120.00 | 120 Minute Sessions - $160.00

Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring™

soul guidance alana fairchild spokane

A personal Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™ session is held within a Sacred space opened and held for divine protection, grace and assistance. Each session is uniquely different according to intention set within a specific template. Each of us has Guides supporting our Soul's earth journey and the loving guidance and healing support of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and enlightened beings including those of Goddess energy.

The template opened and held by Stacia is the space through which Guidance brings insight and healing. By her natural intuitive abilities and heightened skills gained from years of experience as an empathic healer, Stacia shares guidance given for the client. The mentoring and guidance provided by Stacia brings peaceful resolution to her clients while providing inspiration and new pathways for a happy and productive life.

Often, Stacia will refer a client for a session theme and a specific purpose. On other occasions, the choices are made upon an initial consultation set for a Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™ session.

Stacia's intuitive skill provides a creative and meaningful setting where no two sessions are alike. Clients are encouraged to experience Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring™ sessions regularly for continued spiritual growth and holistic health.

More information here

Individual Sessions - $135.00 | Private Group Sessions - $105.00 per person

Recent Feedback for Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring
"I really feel like the Phoenix rising from the ashes. I feel like the Soul Guidance Sacred Mentoring™ Session was a pivotal point in my life. The severe and chronic pain I experienced prior to this session is gone. Thank you and much love and light." - CP, Spokane

"I had an AMAZING session with Stacia last night. I’ve been dealing with headaches and migraines almost daily for probably well over a year now. It’s getting bad and doing everything I can all naturally, including Angelic Reiki, Crystal healing, Chiropractic, sitting out in the sun for Vit D, CBD oil, and I even quit my stressful job and recently started to eliminate inflammatory foods from my diet. Everything I was doing, all the natural remedies have helped to dull the pain so I can function each day and I am very grateful for that but it hasn’t taken away the pain and over a year of daily pain is very frustrating. Stacia reached out to me after seeing my frustrated post on Facebook and I AM SO GLAD SHE DID!! I knew the session had worked because my pain was almost gone by the end of our session and I was exhausted. I woke up 100% pain free this morning. Stacia explained it great to me by saying sometimes we have so much going on that it’s hard for us to fully take care of everything ourselves. I’m a healer but I needed help. She gave me great tips and it was such a peaceful and loving session. I will definitely call upon Stacia or Compass Rose if I find myself treading water like I have been doing this past year! We don’t always have to do it all by ourselves! THANK YOU STACIA!!!" - CC, Oxford MA

Angelic Reiki for Kids

reiki for kids spokane

Our youth are now surrounded by far more toxins, ailments and adult choices than ever. Reiki is a liberating way to light the path for our future leaders. When started at a younger age, Reiki can set the tone for a life of well-being and empowerment for your child.

Reiki works on all levels of the mind, body, and spirit; and can aid all ages and stages. It is gentle enough to work on the most tender and tiniest of beings, and packs enough energy to soothe some of the most difficult situations. Because it is balancing, Reiki will naturally flow to the areas that need it most and gently recede when the areas are balanced.

More information here

Initial Session - $85.00 | Follow up Sessions - $65.00

Axiatonal Alignment

axiatonal alignment spokane

At some point humanity became disconnected from the planetary and axiatonal grid lines, causing the loss of "our inherent connection to the Universe, our multidimensional selves; causing distance, separation from our Source, our Higher Self, each other and the Cosmos." An axiatonal alignment is a realignment of our personal energy field to that of the planet and the universe by reconnecting the body's axiatonal lines, also known as meridian lines, to those that exist in all of creation. The axiatonal alignment clears out any blockages in our axiatonal grid system and then essentially plugs the body back into the planetary and universal energy flow.

When an axiatonal alignment takes place, the axiatonal lines within the body are reattached to those within the earth and the universe, which realigns us with all of creation here on earth and in the cosmos. This gives us access not only to all of the information stored in the "web of pure intelligence," but an unrestricted flow of Source energy, should we call upon it for use.

Once an axiatonal alignment has been performed, our everyday lives will begin to reflect our divine reconnection to all that is.

The complete axiatonal alignment requires two sessions. The initial sessions clears out the energy system, removing blockages and opening all of the body's axiatonal lines. The second session deepens and strengthens the reestablished flow of energy and then reconnects the axiatonal lines to the planetary and cosmic grids.

You can read more here here

Axiatonal Alignment (2 Sessions) - $135.00

Continuing Care - Chakra Clearing is a Soul Healing

chakra clearing spokane

Our chakras are a key component to our non-physical energy system. Chakras contain our Soul's history including the parts of our current life and past lives that need both acute and ongoing clearing. When our chakras become overloaded we can feel heavy, anxious and/or depressed.

Chakras that are "stuck" can be better understood as containing trapped emotions. Trapped emotions are unfinished business that is most often ours, and sometimes the emotions belonging to other people in our lives. There are times when we take on the emotions of others to "help" another person we care about, or to control a situation and create "safety" for ourselves.

Our Souls are over-lighting our human experience. Just as our personality selves enjoy a Reiki session or other means of bodywork, our Soul benefits from regular Reiki sessions to maintain a clear energy field.

Continuing care, including Magnified Healing®, Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring™, and Angelic Reiki, is encouraged for anyone seeking to attain and maintain a vibration that ensures living life with grace and ease.

More information here

Akashic Records Therapy

akashic records therapy

Our every deed and every experience is recorded in our Akashic Records. Our entire lives are recorded in the libraries representing past, present, and future lives, as well as lives between lives and cosmic lives.

The purpose of Akashic travel is not for entertainment but is an opportunity given to us is for healing and participating in shifting our days, years, and lives for our Highest Good.

We can continue upon the path we are currently traveling, or we can gain new insights and choose to re-record a "preferred outcome" in the Akashic Records. This is because what we heal right now changes the course we are on and by working with the Akashic libraries, we can participate in developing the appropriate outcome with intention and realignment with our Soul.

A 90 minute session will take us from insightful conversation to intuitive guidance from Oracle Cards and then to the Amethyst Bio Bed for energetic travel into The Garden, where the work will take place within the Records Library. The session will close with quiet integration of the healing and work completed as you rest cocooned in the arms of your Guides and Angels.

Akashic Records Therapy is available at Compass Rose and remotely.

You can read more here here

Cost Per Session - $135.00 *All new client Akashic Records sessions need to be paid for at the time of scheduling.

Bio-Mat Therapy

biomat therapy

The core of BioMat technology is a combination of far infrared rays, negative ion effects and the conductive properties of amethyst channels. These three powerful health stimulators are combined in to deliver soothing, deep-penetrating heat while stimulating the regeneration of damaged cells in your body.

Because the BioMat experience is a powerful compliment to a Reiki session, we use incorporate it into our regular sessions.

While our treatments are completely safe, work well with and complement traditional medicine, we do not diagnose or dispense medical advice. None of the processes nor the advice you receive here are intended to be a substitute or replace conventional medicine and the advice of your treating doctor. Always consult your physician.