Holistic Treatments

Our goal is Whole Being Wellness - physical, emotional, and spiritual health through Angelic Reiki, Emotion/Body Code and other healing modalities.

We are honored to be part of your healing path and to compliment any medical care you may be receiving. We welcome people facing health challenges including cancer, depression, diabetes, chronic pain, etc. and will work in concert with your choices and the recommendations made by your physician.

Our philosophy for fees: Our intention at Compass Rose is to provide excellence in service and caring. Our fees are set to support Compass Rose while maintaining a reasonable fee structure for our clients.

We are happy to say that our services are not controlled by health insurance companies. We are grateful to be free from a third party administrator who could interfere with this deeply personal process.

Synergistic Reiki/Emotion Code & Body Code

angelic reiki emotion code spokane

The blending of Reiki with Emotion Code techniques creates a deep and efficient healing environment. Stacia uses Reiki to create a sacred space and holds the vibration, allowing your subconscious to gently release toxins while Sandi uses the Emotion Code and Body Code therapies to release trapped emotions from your energy field and your body. Our clients have experienced increased physical and emotional improvements in a shorter time. We are excited to provide these Synergistic Reiki/Emotion Code & Body Code sessions. We are humbled to see the shifts experienced by everyone involved. As a client, you are benefiting from our experience, the efficiency of two practitioners and the fee of just one!

To learn more about your first visit with us, click here.

Synergistic Reiki has been very beneficial in supporting people during cancer care. Find more information on Reiki and cancer here .

We are pleased to announce we are now meeting the needs of seekers of health and healing outside of the Spokane area via distance healing.

Learn how "Shadow Energies" can have negative effects on your health.

Initial Session - $95.00 | Follow up Sessions - $80.00

Recent Feedback for Reiki Infused Emotion Code Therapies
As someone who was once diagnosed with bipolar disorder and other mental complications, I have found Reiki Infused Emotion Code therapies to be the only effective means of eliminating my "illness". After years of futile medication with long lists of side effects, I turned to Compass Rose for less intrusive means of treatment. As it was, I had three entity attachments that unraveled my thoughts and made it extremely difficult to function. Two sessions later, I was relieved of all three and saw an extreme difference in my ability to focus, remember, and maintain emotional stability. I am a Junior at Gonzaga University and my GPA has increased from a 2.3 to a 3.6, meaning I now have a solid shot at grad school. The change was night to day with the best side-effect of all - happiness. My heart is filled with gratitude for the Reiki practitioners at Compass Rose and I strongly urge others to embrace this wonderful form of healing. - MC, Spokane Washington

Emotion Code for Kids and Teens

children emotion code spokane

Reiki and Emotion Code are both completely natural and holistic methods for well-being that treat the whole being on all levels. A common misconception is that this kind of energy and healing work is only applicable to adults, who have accumulated more experiences that may have been harmful or left a negative impression than children are believed to have. The truth is that children and teens face a wide range of challenges and it can be difficult for adults to understand their perspective and the impact that experiences of the world can have on them. Reiki and Emotion Code address the root of imbalances, which can be physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual.

More information here

Akashic Records Therapy

akashic records therapy

Our every deed and every experience is recorded in our Akashic Records. Our entire lives are recorded in the libraries representing past, present, and future lives, as well as lives between lives and cosmic lives.

The purpose of Akashic travel is not for entertainment but is an opportunity given to us is for healing and participating in shifting our days, years, and lives for our Highest Good.

We can continue upon the path we are currently traveling, or we can gain new insights and choose to re-record a "preferred outcome" in the Akashic Records. This is because what we heal right now changes the course we are on and by working with the Akashic libraries, we can participate in developing the appropriate outcome with intention and realignment with our Soul.

A 90 minute session will take us from insightful conversation to intuitive guidance from Oracle Cards and then to the Amethyst Bio Bed for energetic travel into The Garden, where the work will take place within the Records Library. The session will close with quiet integration of the healing and work completed as you rest cocooned in the arms of your Guides and Angels.

Akashic Records Therapy is available at Compass Rose and by distance and provided by Sandi Fornwalt or Stacia Zadra, Angelic Reiki Masters/ Teachers, Akashic Therapy Practitioners.

You can read more here here

Cost Per Session - $125.00 *All new client Akashic Records sessions need to be paid for at the time of scheduling.

Axiatonal Alignment

axiatonal alignment spokane

At some point humanity became disconnected from the planetary and axiatonal grid lines, causing the loss of "our inherent connection to the Universe, our multidimensional selves; causing distance, separation from our Source, our Higher Self, each other and the Cosmos." An axiatonal alignment is a realignment of our personal energy field to that of the planet and the universe by reconnecting the body's axiatonal lines, also known as meridian lines, to those that exist in all of creation. The axiatonal alignment clears out any blockages in our axiatonal grid system and then essentially plugs the body back into the planetary and universal energy flow.

When an axiatonal alignment takes place, the axiatonal lines within the body are reattached to those within the earth and the universe, which realigns us with all of creation here on earth and in the cosmos. This gives us access not only to all of the information stored in the "web of pure intelligence," but an unrestricted flow of Source energy, should we call upon it for use.

Once an axiatonal alignment has been performed, our everyday lives will begin to reflect our divine reconnection to all that is.

The complete axiatonal alignment requires two sessions. The initial sessions clears out the energy system, removing blockages and opening all of the body's axiatonal lines. The second session deepens and strengthens the reestablished flow of energy and then reconnects the axiatonal lines to the planetary and cosmic grids.

You can read more here here

Axiatonal Alignment (2 Sessions) - $125.00

Access Consciousness Bars

access consciousness bars spokane

Access Consciousness® is about unlocking you from the polarity, imprisonment, conditioning and limitation of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. When we are functioning from finiteness we choose to have little choice and limited possibilities.

Polarity keeps us from actually seeing things as they are, so that we can't change what we would like to change. It keeps us functioning from the trauma and drama, the upset and intrigue of this reality. Our addiction to polarity is one of the strongest addictions there is.

The Bars takes all the considerations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgments, and beliefs from any lifetime, that are electrically stored in the brain and releases them. This release occurs when the bars are touched; it allows that stored junk to be released.

More information here

60 Minute Session - $80.00 | 90 Minute Session - $120.00

Massage Therapy

massage therapy reiki spokane

Massage Therapy sessions are offered by Samantha Pace, LMP. In addition to be a Licensed Massage Practitioner, Samantha has also received her Angelic Reiki Mastery certification.

Samantha specializes in deep tissue, relaxation, pregnancy, and therapeutic massage and is available for appointments on Fridays.

More information here

30 Minute Session - $35.00 | 60 Minute Session - $60.00 | 90 Minute Session - $90.00

Atlantean Amethyst Bio Bed

amethyst andara bio bed

The Ascended Masters and Star Beings who are assisting Earth and her inhabitants with the Ascension process are excited to have another avenue to work with us via the Atlantean Amethyst Bio Bed. This technology was used during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria to re-align and activate crystalline body frequencies connected to the Earth's inner core, our EarthStar and the higher collective dimensions and portals within the Universe.

With your consent, the Hierarchy can remove old programs or pattern loops that no longer serve your Soul's highest path. This will be occurring in the emotional body, the mental body, the spiritual body, and of course the physical body.

You can pre-schedule your appointment on the Bio Bed, or call the day of for availability.

More information on the Atlantean Bio Bed

BioBed 45 Minute Session - $54.00

We are now offering Ascension Boost Meditations on the Biobed. You can read more about these sessions here .

Ascension Boost Meditation Session - $60.00

Angelic Reiki

angelic reiki practitioner

Stacia is a Certified Angelic Reiki Master Practitioner.

Much more than a healing modality, Angelic Reiki is a profound, very high frequency, multidimensional system of healing and consciousness expansion that is developmental on many levels. It complements Usui and Karuna® Reiki.

What sets Angelic Reiki healing apart is the pure Divine vibration that is stepped down through the Angelic Kingdom during a treatment to focus powerfully on root causes. Each person responds to the Divine vibration in accordance with their own level of development, and the healing vibration feels noticeably different to that of any other modality.

Benefits from receiving Angelic Reiki treatments are amazing. Yet simplicity lies at the heart of Angelic Reiki.

Angelic Reiki is integrated with Synergistic Reiki/Emotion Code & Body Code sessions.

The Emotion Code

emotion code spokane

Emotion Code and Body Code sessions at Compass Rose are complemented with Reiki, making them unlike any other Emotion Code or Body Code treatment. The Emotion Code is the simplest, easiest, and fastest method ever devised to find emotional baggage (using muscle testing) and release it, either from oneself or from someone else. Our emotional baggage consists of actual energy, the energies of intense emotional events experienced that are still stuck in one's physical body. This energy distorts the normal energy flow through the body, and as a result can create pain, malfunction, disease, and even cancer. In addition, these energies (trapped emotions) are the driving force behind PTSD, depression, anxiety, phobias and mental illnesses. Click here to read more about The Emotion Code

Emotion Code for Animals

animals emotion code spokane

Using the Emotion Code, either in direct contact with the animal or with a distance technique, trapped emotions can be released from our beloved animal friends.

Syd Maurer has recently joined us as an Emotion Code Practitioner for all animals; household pets, horses and other large animals. She has been working with horses for years, receiving heartfelt appreciation and thanks from all of her clients.

She is available by appointment and will travel to work with your animal in person, or can connect with them during a distance appointment.

Contact us to learn more.

You can read more here here .

Bio-Mat Therapy

biomat therapy

The core of BioMat technology is a combination of far infrared rays, negative ion effects and the conductive properties of amethyst channels. These three powerful health stimulators are combined in to deliver soothing, deep-penetrating heat while stimulating the regeneration of damaged cells in your body.

Because the BioMat experience is a powerful compliment to a Reiki session, we use incorporate it into our regular sessions. Or, you can experience the healing aspects of the BioMat without a hands-on Reiki session with a 30 minute Atlantean Amethyst Bio Bed session.

While our treatments are completely safe, work well with and complement traditional medicine, we do not diagnose or dispense medical advice. None of the processes nor the advice you receive here are intended to be a substitute or replace conventional medicine and the advice of your treating doctor. Always consult your physician.

Personally, I haven't felt better in a long long time, maybe in my whole life, and I thank you for a lot of it. Between healing work, Graces and Sacred Contracts, I am feeling whole and so happy to be willing to step out into the world as a well and competent person.

J.S., Coeur d'Alene ID

My testimonial to our clients: Sandi and I feel deep gratitude for the many wonderful people who commit to the journey to heal their lives. The journey to health and well being, to spiritual growth and empowerment, is not easy. To see our clients commit to theirselves is a very rewarding experience for us, and we are deeply humbled by the outcome each and every time.

In Light, Stacia Zadra

Thank you so much for your generous gift of Reiki. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed. This adventure is teaching me patience and to accept help from others, two things that have not been easy for me. I feel blessed to be surrounded by such adoring people during my recovery.

K.J., Spokane WA

We have an additional entrance to accommodate our clients with physical limitations or who have difficulty with stairs.

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