Our Reiki Cats


Titus Reiki master

We brought Titus into our family and he made himself at home right away. He is the perfect "people cat" and is friendly to everyone he meets.

Titus is an honorary Reiki Master at Compass Rose. He often joins clients during their treatments and will lay content and purring on their laps. He loves to be in with the Reiki energy!

Though he's still a young cat, Titus has become very mature and calm since the arrival of Russell.


Russell animal reiki

Russell is a wild kitty at heart, though he's learned how to smooth talk his way into getting extra treats and is almost always underfoot so as to not miss out on any fun.

Named after the Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, Russell is a rough and tumble kitty who loves to play all day long. Sometimes all we see is a orange fluffball streaking by as he's jumping through the air or tackling Titus.

He and Titus are quickly becoming the best of kitty friends!



We welcomed Portia into our Compass Rose home after one of our favorite clients adopted her and insisted she was meant to be here- and once we saw her adorable face, we couldn't resist. We weren't sure how the boys would react to rooming with a girl again, but Portia fits in perfectly. Her favorite pastimes are napping in the sun, getting head scratches and picking on the boy kitties.

Russell and Titus have certainly got their hands paws full with Portia!

Here are some more recent pictures - my have they grown!

Fluffy Russell
Silly Titus
Portia and Titus