Dan Naccarato

Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher | Magnified Healing® Phase One Practitioner | Licensed Massage Therapist

Compass Rose Spokane Holistic Healing

My own spiritual growth coincides with helping people heal themselves. Through physical massage I help people heal their body. Using my empathic/intuitive gifts contributes to healing their emotional and spiritual trauma. I found if one leg of the chair is not even it throws the chair out of balance or alignment. If the spirit or the mind is not whole the body manifests pain, dysfunction, or disease. Likewise, if the body is not functioning properly the mind and the spirit will not be functioning at their full potential causing depression, anxiety, fear, and worry.

My passion to help people heal themselves using my empathic and intuitive gifts has now taken me to this new and wonderful place. I am so excited to be able to use my gifts as a healer to help more people with their own spiritual growth. I am committed to help my clients heal their mind, body, and spirit through the gifts of Angelic Reiki, Magnified Healing®, and Crystal Therapies here at Compass Rose.

We are so grateful to welcome Dan Naccarato to our Compass Rose family. Dan brings special gifts, intuitive awareness, and integrity that we have searched for with an eye on our future as a growing practice. After training with us, Dan now joins us as an Angelic Reiki teacher, mentor, and guide during our trainings and our Reiki Shares and also as a co-teacher in our Magnified Healing® workshops.

Dan’s gentle wisdom and inspired gifts can not be overstated, and we are excited to welcome him to Compass Rose.
With gratitude, ~~ Stacia