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Axiatonal Alignment Spokane

The most basic explanation of an axiatonal alignment is a realignment of our personal energy field to that of the planet and the universe by reconnecting the body's axiatonal lines, also known as meridian lines, to those that exist in all of creation. The axiatonal alignment clears out any blockages in our axiatonal grid system and then essentially plugs the body back into the planetary and universal energy flow.

Our bodies emit an electromagnetic field of energy commonly known as the "aura," and within that energetic field is a grid system made up of axiatonal lines. Those of us who have experienced acupuncture have likely heard them referred to as meridian lines, and they carry life-force or Source energy to and through our bodies by way of intersecting flow lines that create a grid system. For most people, the axiatonal system is closed off within their energy field, not connecting to anything outside of the energy body.

The planet also has an axiatonal system, often referred to as "lay lines," which include the planet's meridians, as well. And this energetic grid that is present in our bodies and within the earth is also present throughout the entire universe. The universal axiatonal lines are connected to those of the earth, so that energy can flow to and from each into the other. This exchange is a sharing of Source energy, light energy, and information gathered by all of creation, know as the "web of pure intelligence."

When an axiatonal alignment takes place, the axiatonal lines within the body are reattached to those within the earth and the universe, which realigns us with all of creation here on earth and in the cosmos. This gives us access not only to all of the information stored in the "web of pure intelligence," but an unrestricted flow of Source energy, should we call upon it for use.

At some point humanity became disconnected from the planetary and axiatonal grid lines, causing the loss of "our inherent connection to the Universe, our multidimensional selves; causing distance, separation from our Source, our Higher Self, each other and the Cosmos." Once an axiatonal alignment has been performed, our everyday lives will begin to reflect our divine reconnection to all that is.

What Happens During an Alignment?

While axiatonal alignments are generally performed in very similar ways, the small details and surroundings vary depending on where it's being performed. At Compass Rose, we perform axiatonal alignments in our Atlantean Room on a heated amethyst biobed. Once covered with a blanket and an eye-pillow, clients are asked only to relax and receive.

At Compass Rose, alignments are performed energetically, without the use of physical touch, allowing the client to remain in a restful, meditative state during the session. Once the alignment has been performed, the client is left for half an hour to rest in the Atlantean Room for integration and healing.

The complete axiatonal alignment requires two sessions. The initial sessions clears out the energy system, removing blockages and opening all of the body's axiatonal lines. The second session deepens and strengthens the reestablished flow of energy and then reconnects the axiatonal lines to the planetary and cosmic grids.

The benefits of the Axiatonal Alignment are often immediate and distinct. Here are a few things you can expect:

  • Opening of your meridian channels
  • Balancing of chakras and the polarity of your body
  • A release of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages
  • Balancing of the male and female sides of the body
  • A clearer, stronger connection to the Higher Self
  • Sharper intuition and more ease in following it

First Hand Experience: During and After an Alignment

While each individual experience will be different, here is a first hand experience of an axiatonal alignment:

I could immediately feel pressure on my forehead and around the top and sides of my head at the beginning of both sessions, even though I wasn't being touched. During the first session, it felt as though a beam of light were coming out of my 6th chakra and extending up infinitely. I also noticed a feeling of tugging on both of my feet. After the session I went outside and was amazed to find that the sound of traffic was no longer abrasive to me and I got the impression that the surrounding trees and plant life were all connected to a beam of light like the one I felt during the session. I felt a bit dizzy and spacey for the remainder of the day, though I was still able to function.

During the second session, I was aware of different sides of my body pulsing with energy and experienced feelings of pressure at different times; first the left side of my face, then the right, then the left arm and torso, then the right, and so on, all the way down my body. The half hour integration period went by very quickly after the session, and I felt as though I had been doing something somewhere else but couldn't remember what. I was less dizzy after the second session but still pretty spacey.

One of the first things I noticed the day after the second session was that I was receiving answers to dilemmas and obstacles that had been challenging me for awhile. Over the next week I found myself in multiple situations that, though not always pleasant, brought to my attention a behavior or thought process that was no longer serving me or one of my relationships. I've become aware of how quickly answers, situations, and people show up in response to my thoughts or expectations, which has caused me to try to become more aware of what I'm thinking and creating. I'm not sure if these opportunities for change and growth are just now showing up or if they've been present and I've only just become aware of them. Either way, I definitely know that I have been reconnected to the consciousness of the Universe and am excited to see where this new awareness leads. ~J.C. Colbert, WA
Image by Starline / Freepik

Personally, I haven't felt better in a long long time, maybe in my whole life, and I thank you for a lot of it. Between healing work, Graces and Sacred Contracts, I am feeling whole and so happy to be willing to step out into the world as a well and competent person.

J.S., Coeur d'Alene ID

My testimonial to our clients: Sandi and I feel deep gratitude for the many wonderful people who commit to the journey to heal their lives. The journey to health and well being, to spiritual growth and empowerment, is not easy. To see our clients commit to theirselves is a very rewarding experience for us, and we are deeply humbled by the outcome each and every time.

In Light, Stacia Zadra

Thank you so much for your generous gift of Reiki. I feel rejuvenated and refreshed. This adventure is teaching me patience and to accept help from others, two things that have not been easy for me. I feel blessed to be surrounded by such adoring people during my recovery.

K.J., Spokane WA

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