Axiatonal Alignment

Axiatonal Alignment Spokane

The human body is filled with and surrounded by a dynamic energy system. The electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds the body is referred to as the auric field, aura, or etheric body which is made up of the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. We have axiatonal energy lines in the body which are also known as meridian lines or acupuncture lines - these supply our physical bodies with subtle and vital energy.

The most simple explanation/metaphor is that Axiatonal Alignment connects us to the universal grid system and the planetary grid system. Our brains are like a computer that hasn't had an internet connection or been connected to the mainframe for a while. We are then limited in our programs to that which we can personally gather rather than connecting to the information that the universe has gathered for us. With Axiatonal Alignments, we are able to download information from the universe with ease.

The Axiatonal Alignment is a healing technique that reunites our physical bodies with axiatonal lines for healing the physical and etheric bodies. Axiatonal lines are part of a fifth dimensional circulatory system that combines color and sound, drawing the basic energy for renewal functions of the human body. The Axiatonal Alignment brings in and activates these new golden lines allowing for the exchange of light and information and the reconnection of DNA strands.

Originally, the meridian lines (acupuncture lines) on our bodies were connected to magnetic grid lines (lay lines) that encircle the Earth. These lines cross at acknowledged power vortices on the planet and its entire grid system. These lines were designed to continue out and connect us to a vastly larger grid system, tying us to the entire Cosmos/Universe. At some point in time, Humanity became disconnected from these axiatonal and planetary grid lines. We lost the fullness of our inherent connection to the universe and our multi-dimensional selves, causing distance and separation from our Source, our Higher Selves, each other, and the Cosmos. These axiatonal lines are part of a parallel-dimensional circulatory energy grid system that ties us back into the gridlines of the Earth and those emanating beyond the Earth.

It is difficult to conceive how we connect to the power and knowledge of all that is, but accessing the lines with this work gives this esoteric world an image. One not only feels, but often sees these changes happening. It is the same work as the Reconnection, just using a different name. Axiatonal Alignment is described in The Keys of Enoch and illustrated by Alex Gray in Sacred Mirrors.

This work aligns you with the grid around the Earth and the grid around yourself. It is magnetic and keeps you in tune with the changing energy of the planet. Everything that is contained in the Cosmos is connected through a "web of pure intelligence." Through the process of inner self-discovery this greater web of pure intelligence reveals itself to us. As a result, a spontaneous reconnection to Natural Law occurs. Human life becomes more of a reflection of this divine relationship. The Axiatonal Process provides a direct link between Cosmic Intelligence and individual consciousness. The vibratory grid that is located in the human physiology is the gateway which permits one to be "of the Earth" and "of the Cosmos" simultaneously. It supports the integration of two seemingly disconnected worlds and the laws that govern them.

This grid is macro-cosmic and micro-cosmic. It goes out far into the universe and deep within our cells. The only historical references to this way of connecting and restoring essence in the body are found within Chinese medicine and is known as the Meridian System and in Ayurveda where the meridians are known as Nadirs. According to Ayurveda there are 72,000 Nadirs in the body and 108 points where the Nadirs intersect, known as Marma points or spin points. As we work through the process of clearing and activating the axiatonal lines, we will be linking into these spin or Marma points.

The Meridian System is a subset of the greater web of intelligence in the Cosmos, which also exists within the human body. The Axiatonal Sessions, in and of themselves, can provide a direct link whereby one can merge with this subtler cosmic vibratory web of intelligence. As one's refined awareness develops, subtler fields of creation can be realized and integrated into one's consciousness. The continued personal application of this process allows ever-increasing amounts of Cosmic Intelligence to be realized and integrated into the body/mind.

The light of pure intelligence burns away the layers of ignorance that have clouded the lens of perception. Your everyday life begins to gradually reflect a more profound relationship with Natural Law. Life then becomes an ever-increasing expression of love, compassion, understanding, and joy. This grid is a light-body grid. When one is in ill health, part of this grid is inactive or darkened. Axiatonal Alignment reconnects this light-body and turns the light back on, thus activating the energy field allowing the body to heal itself.

The Axiatonal Alignment brings in new axiatonal lines, integrating unique vibratory levels and frequencies for healing and evolution.

Axiatonal Alignment requires two sessions to fully reactivate and connect someone's axiatonal lines. The first session helps to "open the vessel" or "clean out" the energy system, while the second deepens the connection. After the two sessions, the axiatonal lines are connected. Additional sessions are not required. This is connection to the Unity Consciousness grid, allowing for recoding, reencrypting and recalibration to take place and reconnecting you to the Oneness of All. This work is done energetically, (hands off the body) meaning working in the subtle energy bodies, not on the physical body itself.

When performing an Axiatonal Alignment, remember to ask Archangel Michael for protection, invite your Healing Angel to assist you and ask Archangel Metatron to overlight the Axiatonal Alignment.

The benefits of the Axiatonal Alignment are often immediate and distinct. Here are a few things you can expect:

  • Opening of your meridian channels
  • Balancing of chakras and the polarity of your body
  • A release of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual blockages
  • Balancing of the male and female sides of the body
  • A clearer, stronger connection to the Higher Self
  • Sharper intuition and more ease in following it

First Hand Experience: During and After an Alignment

While each individual experience will be different, here is a first hand experience of an axiatonal alignment:

I could immediately feel pressure on my forehead and around the top and sides of my head at the beginning of both sessions, even though I wasn't being touched. During the first session, it felt as though a beam of light were coming out of my 6th chakra and extending up infinitely. I also noticed a feeling of tugging on both of my feet. After the session I went outside and was amazed to find that the sound of traffic was no longer abrasive to me and I got the impression that the surrounding trees and plant life were all connected to a beam of light like the one I felt during the session. I felt a bit dizzy and spacey for the remainder of the day, though I was still able to function.

During the second session, I was aware of different sides of my body pulsing with energy and experienced feelings of pressure at different times; first the left side of my face, then the right, then the left arm and torso, then the right, and so on, all the way down my body. The half hour integration period went by very quickly after the session, and I felt as though I had been doing something somewhere else but couldn't remember what. I was less dizzy after the second session but still pretty spacey.

One of the first things I noticed the day after the second session was that I was receiving answers to dilemmas and obstacles that had been challenging me for awhile. Over the next week I found myself in multiple situations that, though not always pleasant, brought to my attention a behavior or thought process that was no longer serving me or one of my relationships. I've become aware of how quickly answers, situations, and people show up in response to my thoughts or expectations, which has caused me to try to become more aware of what I'm thinking and creating. I'm not sure if these opportunities for change and growth are just now showing up or if they've been present and I've only just become aware of them. Either way, I definitely know that I have been reconnected to the consciousness of the Universe and am excited to see where this new awareness leads. ~J.C. Colbert, WA
Image by Starline / Freepik