Celebrate and Nurture the Unique Gifts of New Earth Children

Tenzin Choedon is joining us to offer sessions to honor and support New Earth Children and their families. With a gentle, accepting approach, she recognizes the extraordinary roles these remarkable individuals play in elevating global consciousness and inspiring love, joy, and compassion. Her sessions are designed to:

Embrace and amplify children's unique perspectives and abilities
Guide parents in creating nurturing environments where children can thrive as their authentic selves
Support family dynamics that value neurodiversity and individual expression

Through energy work and mindful practices, we help unlock the full potential of New Earth Children, contributing to a more inclusive, understanding, and harmonious world.

Reach out to us to explore how we can support your family's journey and celebrate the special gifts your child brings to the world.

Tenzin Choedon
Reiki Healer | Intuitive Empath | Advocate for New Earth Children

new Earth children

My name is Tenzin Choedon. I am Tibetan born in India. I speak Tibetan, Hindi and English. My journey inwards began in 2019 when I started having hearing issues. I realized there were big changes happening inside of me and felt guided to do daily meditation practice. My awareness grew and I realized how conditioned our human minds are. One day I meditated under a tree and immediately felt like it was a homecoming. Nature has its own ways to hold us in such gentleness and I started crying. I just knew intuitively that I was releasing and healing energetically. My experience with hearing issue taught me how much we have taken things for granted in our mundane life, even little sweet things like bird singing in the morning. So I started incorporating gratitude practice along with my daily meditation.

I took an Angelic Reiki level I & II and Magnified Healing workshop at Compass Rose with Stacia and Dan. One of the most beautiful experiences I had during Angelic Reiki workshop was a beautiful young boy with nonverbal autism joined the second part of the workshop. Our connection happened so naturally and he connected with me during the meditation as well. I really don't like calling these beautiful children with different labels. They are here to teach us love and patience for one another. Since that experience during the Angelic Reiki workshop, my purpose to help the new children became very close to my heart. My intention is also to bridge the gap between parents and children.

I am deeply humbled to be a part of Compass Rose. As I am learning and growing toward my purpose, let's co-create this beautiful web of healing. Let's give a space to our new children and be fully present in our being so we can really hear their message.

I believe that part of my hearing issue somehow is connected with my purpose to help our new children. As we bring positive changes in our lives, it ripples out tenfold to our family, community and our global community at a bigger scale.

Never underestimate the power of your love and positive change.

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90 Minute Sessions: $145