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Compass Rose Spokane Holistic Healing

As I opened to doors at Compass Rose, I did so with a passion to have a place where like-minded people can join together on behalf of personal growth journeys and for humanity. My dream is to have "everyday people" present and transforming at Compass Rose.

Does this resonate with your soul? Are you looking for a place, for people, and for community to support you during your healing, growth and transformation? Or perhaps you have traveled towards transcendence already. Perhaps you want to be with others who are on this path.

The Compass Rose family includes students, practitioners and clients. Our family includes people just like you..... I invite you to the Compass Rose journey where you will meet not just people like you, but where you will meet new friends and Soul Colleagues.

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We at Compass Rose have lived through our share of challenging life experiences. Some have been traumatic, and each one has made us stronger.

We feel blessed to have come through our experiences with with the gifts of compassion, understanding and non-judgement. We are well equipped to hear and relate to the issues many people are living through now. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, addictions, relationship issues, and spiritual crises are present for men, women, and children. The time to heal is now. Within our individual and group consciousness is a need for acceptance, healing and release.

As difficult as it can be for our clients, we know from our personal and professional experiences that the light is at the end of the tunnel. We don't heal alone.

We need each other to do the work of transformation. ~~ Stacia Zadra, ARMT Founder/Director, Compass Rose, Inc.

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We are located at:
112 N Bowdish Road
Spokane Valley, WA 99206

Questions or comments call us at(509)926-9803 or message us on our facebook page.