mt shasta retreat

Our Mount Shasta retreat is getting closer! We are planning a special experience for you and a wonderful place for you to stay where you can rest, receive, and integrate the gifts of this sacred space and all this delightful town will give you. In our time together we can look forward to the following planned activities:

  • Daily teachings and meditations to deepen your ascension journey
  • Group meditation with Sofie and Wayne at Heart Light - 11:11 am
  • Sunrise at Peace Garden
  • Guided journey at Mount Shasta and immersion into Telos and the Ascended Masters welcoming us to their sacred home
  • Sacred meditations and personal introspection at Shasta/Telos vortices
  • Free time for shopping and exploring the shops and restaurants of Mount Shasta
  • Compass Rose hosted group meal on Friday evening
  • Coming together early Sunday morning for breakfast and celebration (as time and travel allows)
  • Private space for sleep and integration

There are 3 3-bedroom apartments to accommodate our 9 guests. Each apartment has it’s own bathroom, kitchen, and living room. The bathrooms are shared among 3 people. The kitchen can be stocked with individual dietary requirements. There are 2 grocery stores in town for your shopping needs.

There is a Compass Rose hosted dinner planned at Mike and Tony’s Italian restaurant. We will meet at Sparky’s after the Mount Shasta Telos experience for social sharing. This is an on-your-own dinner and drinks occasion.

We will encourage everyone to bring a “brown bag” lunch for the day on the Mountain along with other snacks, water etc.

We will provide meditation chairs for your use at the vortex sites and plenty of time to enjoy the experience. Weather may determine which day we go Mount Shasta.

Balance is important and integration is essential, and our intent in developing the weekend’s itinerary is to ensure a wonderful interactive time as well as for your personal space and sovereignty.

Our group is carefully chosen to allow for comfort for everyone. Each person attending understands the spiritual journey requires rest and solitude at times. Time for such is available and encouraged, as well as shared experiences, and plenty of joy!

Tuition is $1,777 not including travel and meals taken on your own. Your non-refundable deposit is appreciated at this time.

We are assisting some of you in setting up shared travel to enjoy the commute from the Sacramento airport. Please let us know if you want to share a rental car, or to check with one another for flight arrangements in the event you want to share flights. Southwest Airlines is the best and least expensive choice and does offer a one-leg mid-day flight. Each 3-person apartment has a kitchen for which you may want to stop at a local grocery store for snacks and personal needs.

The autumn weather will be beautiful and we suggest layered clothing and hiking shoes for our Mount Shasta/Telos visit.

Dates: September 27th - October 1st, 2023

Tuition: $1777

We accept cash, check, credit card and paypal.

This class requires a commitment - tuition is non-refundable.

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