Akashic Records Therapy

akashic records therapy

"Sandi and I attended a training workshop in Akashic Records Therapy in Sedona, Arizona. I was intrigued with the idea of going to The Records for healing, and I was not disappointed with the experience.

Our every deed and every experience is recorded in our Akashic Records. Our entire lives are recorded in the libraries representing past, present, and future lives, as well as lives between lives and cosmic lives. During our training class, we were guided through meditations and healings that took us to our past, present and future lives. My visit to the library of "between lives" was very beneficial and validated a great deal for me.

The purpose of Akashic travel is not for entertainment but is an opportunity given to us is for healing and participating in shifting our days, years, and lives for our Highest Good.

We can continue upon the path we are currently traveling, or we can gain new insights and choose to re-record a "preferred outcome" in the Akashic Records. This is because what we heal right now changes the course we are on and by working with the Akashic libraries, we can participate in developing the appropriate outcome with intention and realignment with our Soul.

I gained tremendous insight and healing while I was in Sedona. The forward motion followed me home, to Spokane, where I experienced a healing crisis two days later. On a 999 day I altered the records, healing and shifting from what was prerecorded in my records based on the past to a new outcome, one that served the present and the Highest Good of many. I am very grateful.

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