Ascension Series - The Seven Rays

What are the Seven Rays?

What are the Seven Rays and what do they have to do with me?

The Seven Rays are seven archetypal energy reservoirs and each reservoir contains a different "flavor" of energy for us (conscious beings) to use. Let's take the First Ray of Will and Power for example. In this reservoir, we find the flavor (the energies of) power, purpose, dynamism, and other similar traits. The flavor of the Second Ray of Love and Wisdom is sensitivity, love, coherence, and so on. So we have these seven reservoirs of different but supporting energies that we can use in our daily lives.

Now, why is it important to know more about them and, eventually, learn to master them (what does it have to do with you?) We use the energies of the Rays in all aspects of our lives and at all times in our lives. However, most of us are simply unaware that we are doing so because we either didn't know about them or we assumed that awareness of them was extracurricular in nature. In truth, our growth as human beings living on an ascending planet is actually dependent upon our ability to master the energies in each of the Rays, to "well-round" ourselves and actualize the full extent of our potential.

Learning to master a Ray you don't feel connected to (mine was the Third Ray of Abstract Intelligence and Adaptability) might not seem essential to the kind of growth you're interested in. The main cause of this belief is not having a clear understanding of the function of the Rays and the fact that we use these energies without realizing it most of the time. The Third Ray, for example, didn't appeal to me at all until I understood that that was where the trait of great creativity lives. As a writer, I use that energy every single day and never realized it. What was even more compelling was finding out that each Ray is connected to all other Rays and that they strengthen and feed each other when they're balanced.

Why Learn About the Rays

The fun in learning about the Rays is that they help you better identify your personal energetic make-up. Most people have one or two Rays that they identify strongly with and the energy of those Rays is reflected in everyday life, in career choice and hobbies, and in character traits. We use (or misuse) the energies of these Rays in every aspect of our lives and when we are able to identify them, we suddenly see our habits, our pitfalls and our passions in a new, expanded light.

What makes learning about and understanding the Rays (all of them, not just the ones we identify most with) essential is the misuse of Ray energy, the "vices" and "glamours" associated with each one. These negative (this word sounds bad but it only means misdirected or misused energy) aspects of the Rays often show up as subtle traits that we are mostly unaware of, on a conscious level, that hinder our growth and prevent us from living up to our full potential. Sometimes we are very aware of them and we struggle to overcome them but can't seem to shake them completely. Understanding the energies that we're working with, and we are working with the Ray energies every moment of every day, allows us to be more aware of where we might be misusing them and how to positively redirect them.

Each Rays Supports the Others

The Seven Rays are basically seven "classrooms", each one focusing on a specific area of character and service. It's common for us to be very strong in a few of these classrooms but very weak in others or to express the negative aspects of the Ray they're most inclined towards. For example, someone who functions primarily on the First Ray of Will and Power will have a strong sense of Self and likely be a powerhouse when it comes to creating their vision and directing other people to get things done. However, these positive attributes of the First Ray might easily become overshadowed by a negative one, like pride, tunnel vision, or over-dominance. Someone who has mastered the positive attributes of the Second Ray of Love and Wisdom might have wonderful relationships and intuitive abilities but lack the will and power of the First Ray, in which case they might be easily taken advantage of or have a hard time creating healthy boundaries. Someone who is Fifth Ray oriented (concrete knowledge or science) might make an amazing doctor or scientist but struggle when it comes to abstract idealism and devotion (Sixth Ray) and so on. The point is, each Ray becomes more defined and well-rounded when we learn to master the attributes of not only our more dominant ones, but all of the others, as well.

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