Atlantean Remote Appointments

The Compass Rose family is very excited that the benefits of the Atlantean Room are being recognized outside of our local area. The diversity of applications that this healing modality has to offer (and that make it so compelling) is meant to be shared for the healing, growth and self-discovery of those who seek it. We use the Atlantean Room for everything from physical illness and emotional imbalance to spiritual growth and even energetic tune-ups. So we are very pleased to announce that we are now able to offer sessions to clients outside of the Spokane area via satellite healing.

So, how does this happen? How does satellite healing work?

Well, it is done in a manner very similar to Remote Reiki Healing, which occurs outside of time and space. However, instead of channeling and conducting the healing session as we would during a Reiki session, we hold space and project the energy while your Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters and an untold number of various Light Beings conduct your healing session. To begin, we call the client for a brief conversation and have them relax or lie down, as they would do in a live session. We set an intention for the session and add corresponding accelerators to the room, asking the client to relax quietly, preferably with no distractions. Next, we open the space and &sit in& for the client, creating an energetic connection that allows us to act as a direct channel for the healing energy and vibration.

Because the energy work being done and the beings conducting that work are extremely high in vibration, the physical limitations that we are used to encountering in the physical (space, time, density) don't apply. This is what allows a trained practitioner to enter that space and act as a channel for the client.

When the session is complete, the client will be given some time to integrate before we call them to discuss what occurred. Clients have explained the experience of a satellite Atlantean session as identical to a live session in that they feel the same amount of energy movement and often reach a similar state of relaxation that borders on meditative. It's not uncommon for people to feel changes in body temperature and weight, light touches, to see images or even hear singing or speaking.

From beginning to end (the first phone conversation to the second), the session is about 40-45 minutes long. We recommend lots of water before and after the session, any kind of cleansing that you feel comfortable with (an Epsom salt bath, prayer, affirmation, etc) and enough time to get 8 to 10 hours of sleep after your session. Of course this varies between clients and we will be happy to answer any questions before and after your session.

Remote Atlantean sessions are $65 dollars and are Book and Buy only

More Atlantean Amethyst BioBed Testimonials

My experience: Shortly after getting on the bed I felt centered and aligned. Although the space blanket did require a little getting used to it quickly went unnoticed for most of my time on the table. Despite trying to negotiate for more time, 30 minutes clearly is all the time that is needed. I felt pretty good after the attunement. As the week unfolded I have been sleeping through the night on most nights, part of my intention on the table. (For weeks prior I had been getting up for 2-3 hours between 1-3 AM.) In addition there have been some awesome unravellings of old information, greater inspired creativity, and just this morning I was wondering with a friend how my day could get better and it was only 9 AM. (And it has...) It has been fun discovering how the intentions I set last Friday are wonderfully unfolding. Pretty cool! - D.C., Spokane