Have you ever noticed that when you're expecting something great to happen or to receive something you're excited about, you tend to receive unexpectedly or encounter something even better than what you were waiting for? That's because you're in a state of expectancy and you are maintaining the idea and vibration that you are going to receive what you want or need. This is how we manifest abundance, by projecting what we need as if we've already received it and remaining in a state of gratitude. Managing that can be difficult if you are feeling lack or struggling and can't help but worry about how you are going to make ends meet.

One of the functions of the "New Financial System" accelerator in our new "Manifestation & Financial Abundance" set is to release the fear for survival that often keeps us in a space of dread about falling short and going without. Once these fears are released, the accelerator for abundance and prosperity synchronizes your vibration to that of abundance and prosperity, magnetizing that energy to you through the projection of it from your energy field to the universe. With our ability to attract what we project in mind, this set of five accelerators is designed to change the way you think about money and finances while destroying old behaviors and thought patterns that sabotage your relationship to receiving.

When we expect that we have to receive money (or anything, really) a certain way, like in exchange for our services or hard work, we close off all other avenues for receiving it. The idea that we can, should or need to control how or when we receive is actually limiting in that we are allowing only what we can imagine to manifest. Stating our needs and allowing the universe to deliver that which we require to us without the restriction of our own expectation is how we maintain a state of abundance and constant receiving, not by worrying "I don't have enough" and constantly fretting. Releasing  the idea of control can be extremely difficult to do on our own because it helps us to feel secure, which is why one of the main focuses of this set of accelerators is to be rid of habits and patterns that  hinder us in this aspect.

The "Manifestation & Financial Abundance" set will help break the hold that out-dated and useless ways of viewing money, abundance and receiving may have on the ability to transform the poverty consciousness into that of abundance. They assist in creating and maintaining the flow of abundance, success and financial prosperity into our lives so that all aspects of receiving are being manifested at their highest potential.