Choosing Your Reiki Class

Not every person interested in or attending Reiki classes is a healer. Many people are drawn to Reiki, or encouraged to pursue Reiki for more profound reasons. I often refer people to Reiki training primarily for their personal, spiritual growth.

The healing that comes with each Reiki attunement and each Reiki session is cumulative. Meditation, self awareness, and intuition are enhanced with Reiki.

As a foundation, Usui Reiki is an excellent bridge to Angelic Reiki, the most profound of Reiki energy, vibration, and Grace for attaining enlightenment. Angelic Reiki will connect an individual, as well as our global community to answers we have searched for.

Usui Reiki - Usui Reiki is traditional and foundational. Students are introduced to Reiki history, technique, meditation and symbols as well as hand positions (should they choose to use them) and various subjects surrounding the energy body. The Usui Reiki symbols (for power, emotional healing and distance healing) are activated in the student's energy system as well as their physical body, during which the palm chakras are open and attuned. This method of healing is grounded in the masculine and aids in the transition from mentally processing and directing to intuitive receiving, releasing expectation and accepting guidance from the Higher Self.

Usui Reiki is best for those who are only recently beginning to explore energy work, their spirituality or who need help transitioning from mental to intuitive.

Angelic Reiki - Channeled by Kevin Core, Angelic Reiki establishes an immediate and permanent connection with the vibration and beings of the Angelic Realm. The student begins working with and channeling healing energy from high vibrational beings and is connected to their healing angel, who they will work during every healing. Angelic attunements are multidimensional and include symbols being activated in each subtle body as well as the physical. Angelic Reiki can function as an intro to energy work and is best for those who know they are interested in connecting to an extremely high vibration.

Many of our students are trained and certified in Usui Reiki prior to attending an Angelic Reiki class. They are more easily able to recognize the benefits of an elevated frequency, like that of Angelic Reiki, which reaches beyond the vibrational gifts of Usui Reiki. We've found that having a foundational background, like Usui Reiki, strengthen a student's ability to notice subtle energy fluctuations more quickly and gives them a reference point by which to compare the new energy, though it isn't required and lack of previous training has certainly never diminished anyone's experience of Angelic Reiki.

One of the reasons for the vibrational difference between Usui and Angelic Reiki is the unique activation of symbols. Most of the Usui symbols are used in Angelic Reiki, along with many others, and Usui attunes the student to the symbol energetically and physically. Angelic Reiki students receive the "Angelic Keys" to the symbols, meaning that they are attuned to the subatomic, molecular, genetic, mathematical, musical, paraphysical and superluminal aspects of the symbols. So it's easy to see how and why Usui training would be useful and encouraged, though it isn't a prerequisite to Angelic Reiki.

Both courses serve as initiations into the spiritual path and into the healing of the Self, the planet and (sometimes, but not always) other people. Both courses also serve as an introduction into the art of energy work, into a life of intuition and energetic awareness and into a higher vibratory state of being. They function perfectly fine without one another but also greatly complement each other in many ways. The best question to ask yourself when deciding where to start is do I need to put my foot in first and test the waters or do I want to dive in head first? Neither decision is wrong; it is simply a matter of where you are in your spiritual life and how much training you want to receive.

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