Chakra Clearing is a Soul Healing

Continuing Care

A change of perspective will make this easy to understand. Our chakras are a key component to our non-physical energy system. Chakras contain our Soul’s history including the parts of our current life and past lives that need both acute and ongoing clearing. When our chakras become overloaded we can feel heavy, anxious and/or depressed.

Our seven chakras within our bodies are the spine of our Soul. Our Earth Star chakra is located 6 - 8 inches below our feet within our Earth Mother and connect Her to us and us to Her. We have chakras located above our head and beyond connecting us to our Creator. We may be unconscious of this, but we are never disconnected from God/Goddess energies.

Chakras that are stuck can be better understood as containing trapped emotions. Trapped emotions are unfinished business that is most often ours, and sometimes the emotions belonging to other people in our lives. There are times when we take on the emotions of others to help another person we care about, or to control a situation and create safety for ourselves.

Our Souls are over-lighting our human experience. Just as our personality selves enjoy a Reiki session or other means of bodywork, our Soul benefits from regular Reiki sessions to maintain a clear energy field.

Continuing care is encouraged for anyone seeking to attain and maintain a vibration that ensures living life with grace and ease.