Emotion Code FAQ

What is a heart wall?

The term defines unresolved, unprocessed and trapped emotions carried in our consciousness. These emotions prevent us from living authentically. In other words, we see and feel the world through the emotions trapped in our psyche.

Does my heart wall protect me from being hurt?

No, but it does continue patterns of like emotions. The trapped emotions actually attract people, patterns and behaviors that mirror the emotions trapped in our psyche resulting in a cycle of unhappiness and dysfunction.

How would my life be different without a heart wall?

You would live in present time. You would no longer be carrying your history with you into current relationships and experiences. You would authentically you, as you are intended to be.

I don't recognize the emotions released from my heart wall, some simply don't resonate with me.

Often, we carry the emotions of others. Empathic people are candidates for taking on the pain of others. While this is not a healthy thing to do, it happens too frequently. Empaths can learn to hold space for and support those in pain without taking on (and in) the emotions they are observing in others.

Can emotions be trapped in other parts of my body?

Yes. Certain emotions carry a vibration that resonates with organs and tissues in the body. For example, betrayal could be found in the lungs. Anger finds it way to the liver. We look specifically in the organs affected by dis-ease to release the emotions that have manifested in the body. This assists our client in their overall well being and healing process.

Can I combine this work with the treatment provided by my physician?

Absolutely. We encourage you to take charge of your health care and we support the recommendations provided and carried out by your allopathic health care providers. Emotion Code / Body Code sessions can complement your chosen health care plan.

What is "cord cutting" and how does it work?

Energetic cords exist between two people drawn together by like emotions. Some cords are loving and beautiful to share. Others contain difficult emotions that are trapped and painful. Sandi identifies the cords are releases both the client and the person sharing the cording. The cords are cut on both sides which is healing for both parties. Without the corded emotions relationships can improve, or they can end depending on what is best for the people involved. Regardless of the outcome the painful "charge" is removed leaving both people neutral.

When working for a couple seeking a healthy relationship, cord cutting results in peace and well being allowing them to come together without painful history. The loving cords remain.

Can cords exist between a person and a place, pattern, or thing?

Yes. We often cut cords between a client and a substance, such as alcohol or cigarettes. Habits and addictions can be discharged with effective cord cutting. On occasion we have cut cords with property, experiences and memories leaving the client present and at peace.

Can I schedule appointments for just cord cutting and do Heart Wall work at another time?

Yes, of course. Occasionally we assist a client to heal an addiction to a substance or behavior only. There are times when we support a client experiencing a medical challenge or crisis and we work specifically on the area of concern to release trapped emotions that could prevent healing to occur.

What are "entities" and can you remove them for me?

Entities are disincarnate beings who attach to an embodied person of like energy or vibration. Entities can be &qout;picked up" in hospitals, funeral homes, bars or taverns, or simply because a person is depressed. Sandi works with both the client and the entity to release the mutual trapped emotions and send the entity on it's way. The client will feel the difference and more like his or herself again.