Flower Essences

What Are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are a water-based solution containing the healing energy of a flower. Though they come from flowers, they are unscented and can be used by people who are sensitive to fragrances. Used during times of physical, emotional or spiritual imbalance, Flower Essences can provide immediate calming support and a means to emotional well-being. They can be taken orally, added to bathwater or sprayed in the air around you.

At Compass Rose, we use the highest quality Flower Essences from 3 Flowers Healing and Tree Frog Farm to bring their unique flower essences to Spokane. We are delighted to bring their products to our clients!

3 Flowers Healing

Located in Portland, Oregon, 3 Flowers Healing uses wildflowers indigenous to the land around the Columbia River Gorge and Mt. Hood.

From their website:

The Columbia River Gorge holds a coherent energy field-like an open heart. Our flower essences are made from beautiful, strong wildflowers, plants, trees, and gems that teach trust in intuition and the development of a closer relationship with Mother Earth. As the Columbia River Gorge is a place of cataclysmic change, our essences offer healing support for ever changing and challenging life transitions.

Tree Frog Farm

Tree Frog Farm is located on Lummi Island in the temperate rain forest of the Pacific Northwest and along the Pacific Ring of Fire (a zone of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that encircles the basin of the Pacific Ocean.)

From their website:

Tree Frog Farm flower and tree essences are energetically grounded through a matrix of crystals. Originally, our essences were made by floating flowers on water in a clear glass bowl, with small Drusy quartz crystals placed around the base of the bowl. The bowl sat in the sun for 5 or 6 hours while the frequency of that particular plant was downloaded into the water. Since 2004, crystals are set in a matrix among the plants and "mother" bottles while the essences are being made. Each mother bottle is filled with a water and red shiso tea base, or a water and brandy base. Now the sun assists the download of the plant's frequency directly into the base in each mother bottle, while the the crystal matrix informs the way this process happens. Our blends are also energetically charged in a crystal matrix, which influences the quality and action of the blend.

Compass Rose Custom Blends

Having access to these wonderful products allows us to include them in custom blends created for our clients, giving you exactly what your body is asking for.

We have an additional entrance to accommodate our clients with physical limitations or who have difficulty with stairs.

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