The Goddess Tree Workshop

Instructor: Colleen Tucker, ARMT

The secret and hidden sphere on the Tree of Life - Da'arth - has long been considered a gateway to the illusive Tree of Knowledge. For the first time, with the help of the Ladies of Shambhalla - the Lady Ascended Masters, will reveal the true nature of the Tree of Knowledge, the fruit it bears, and how these might be worked with to walk upon a path of transformation and alchemy.

This workshop reveals the feminine shamanic magic of the Tree and returns it to humanity when we need its power the most - empowering all who attend. Restoring lost wisdom that balances the knowledge of the Tree of Life and bringing to humanity and the world equilibrium that helps return the Goddess to her throne in the Garden of Eden.

This powerful experiential workshop explores profound mysteries in a simple and practical way, revealing a new form of magical practice in alignment with the mysteries of the Goddess.

Date: TBA

Cost: $144.00 per person

Tuition is non-refundable within 30 days of the workshop.

Colleen is also seeing clients for Angelic Reiki Treatments, Tarot Readings and Shamanic Healing. She is also co-teaching Angelic Reiki classes with Sandi and Stacia. Call us to register or to schedule a time with her!

Instructor Information

Colleen Tucker Angelic Reiki Association

Although I had worked in corporate finance for most of my life, my passion has always been directed towards things of the spirit.

I trained as an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher. Spirit was calling and my work as a teacher and healer began. Along the way I learned Shamanic Healing techniques and became a Soul Midwife.

In 2009 following inspiration from the Angelic Realms and requests from other dedicated Angelic Reiki healers and teachers, I started the Angelic Reiki Association. Its continued growth and development is guided by the great Beings of Light.

As a healer and teacher, I love to share my wisdom and knowledge, see others reach their full potential as they honour their own magnificence. It is a privilege for me to do this work.
~ Colleen Tucker, RMT

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