Magdalene Movement Workshop

Within every woman is the essence of love, compassion, forgiveness, and grace. Mary Magdalene, and each historical Mary carried this divine essence. Over time, however, we buried our Sacred Feminine. We did so by choice, circumstance or for reasons beyond our control.

That was then, and now - the time returns for our renewal and regeneration.

The time has returned for each of us to take our Magdalene back.

We are each born at this time to remember and reclaim our true essence as women. It's our Divine Potential, and it is a gift we must each give to ourselves and to our world. It is written that art will save the world. We believe that women - YOU - will also contribute to save the world.

This isn't a time to rebel with anger. Although at times sacred rage can be a good thing. We are going to encourage you to not rebel at all. The Magdalene Movement is a peaceful one. We will come together to support, empower, rejuvenate, and renew our sense of self.

Compass Rose is joining the Magdalene Movement as set forth by best selling author, sacred advocate and our sister friend Kathleen McGowan. We are taking our Magdalene back, and we invite you and your sisters to join us at our study groups to remember who you are and reclaim your Magdalene.

Kathleen McGowan wrote three historical fiction books; The Expected One, The Book of Love, and The Poet Prince. Each of these books contain astonishing and accurate information on Jesus and Mary Magdalene. She is considered one of the world's leading experts on Mary Magdalene, whose true story she has pursued doggedly for decades.

Kathleen McGowan's Magdalene Movement is all about the liberation of the revelation of who Mary Magdalene was, what the original teachings of Jesus were, and the peaceful re-emergence of the divine feminine.

  • Who was Mary Magdalene?
  • What is "The Way of Love"?
  • How is the Chartres Labyrinth connected?
  • What are the Heretical Teachings?
  • How many types of love are there?
  • How does Sacred Sexuality come into this?

Answers to these questions will be presented during this four-session workshop.

It is recommended that you read Kathleen McGowan's book, The Expected One before the first session.

These workshops are being led by Stacia Zadra, ARMT and Sandi Fornwalt, ARMT at Compass Rose.

$111 for all four workshops.

Tuition is non-refundable within 30 days of the first workshop.

We accept cash, check, credit card and paypal.

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