Thoughts for Our Time....

What a time we are experiencing. What a time to be human. We have entered a time to be more than human. We are here in this space we call "Earth School" to move from chaos, separation, fear and scarcity to Heaven on Earth.

The chaos we each feel is either stirring us, or it is keeping us down. The darkness feels like it is winning, but the Light is so close at hand and heart. Our Light is a conscious shift within and is our birthright. It is vital that we continue moving through the external chaos with trust and commitment. We all signed on for this time in our own spiritual evolution, and for that of our world.

Resist accepting the circumstances of the world we are all facing now. Don't accept this is all happening "for a reason." Doing so puts us into a victim mode and strips us of our divinely bestowed empowerment and Free Will. The positivity of the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Attraction can and will work for us. I cannot stress enough to consciously work with these unbendable and neutral laws from a place of love and compassion.

Start with your personal fears. Have a daily intention to live from a higher vibration that breathes loving compassion, self acceptance, peace and non judgment. Ask for help from your spiritual team throughout the day as you build on your heartfelt intention.

Resist negativity, as it will wear you down and lock you into the ways and means of people and institutions that do not have your best interest as their intentions.

Commit to your own personal awakening, healing, and Soul's purpose. Make this a daily prayer. You don't have to know what this looks like. You may not be able to feel or understand what you are asking for. Your Guides will know and they are happy to assist!

Reach out and receive the help of others who have walked the path of healing before you. Find respite in the comfort of compassionate humans who know how hard the journey is. Give yourself time to regroup and heal from your own human experience and set an intention to be a part of a new Heaven on Earth.

There are many roads and many true paths to heal. Many people have found their way to Compass Rose to find their way. We are so blessed and always amazed to see the awakening and healing that takes place at Compass Rose. We are honored to have earned the trust of the Divine to be the answer to so many prayers for relief.

Everyone has their own personal life agenda, karma and Sacred Contract. Some of our clients experience addictions to substance, patterns, people and places. Others are facing relationship crises, financial challenges and health situations they cannot handle alone. We are given so much assistance and skill to help people from all walks-of-life, of all ages, and seemingly insurmountable circumstances. We see the miracles everyday. How blessed are we all? I am very grateful!

I am also grateful for the commitment Heather has for Compass Rose. Her skills are shown in our three websites representing the services we offer. We are able to reach people in need within our local community and now across North America. Each website is detailed in what we do and how you can access help. Give yourself the gift of time and research to see what Compass Rose can do for you. See what resonates and reach out. We are here for you.

For a peaceful, loving, and compassionate Earth,
~~ Stacia Zadra, Master/Healer, Intuitive Empath
Founder/Director - Compass Rose, A Holistic Healing Center, Inc.
Licensed Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring™ Practitioner

© Stacia Zadra |