Your First Visit

What you can look forward to...

Your initial visit will begin with conversation. We want to know who you are and what your needs and wants are. We want to know how we can serve you. As we talk, we will gain insight into the symbolic nature of your issues and a first glance at the root causes of your concerns. Of course, you are invited and encouraged to ask questions of us. We want our relationship to be mutual.

Next, we will move to the Theta room where your treatment experience will begin. You will find this room to be warm, inviting, calming and very relaxing. The table you will lie on to receive Reiki will be warm. You will be enjoying our BioMat with it's healing warmth, crushed amethyst crystals, far infrared rays and negative ions. Your body will be very happy!

Once you are comfortable on the treatment table, we will set an intention. Your intention sets the pace for your treatment and puts into motion that which you are ready to receive in your life. All things exist - the good, the bad, and the difficult. During this time, we only reach out for the best - with gratitude. It is now that the Reiki flow begins and you relax deeply to receive a much needed healing of your body, mind and spirit.

Your Reiki infused healing session will take 35 - 40 minutes during which time Sandi will begin the Body Code assessment. Your heart wall and it's structure will be identified during this time. Next, Sandi will continue with the Emotion Code therapies while working with your subconscious to begin the release of your heart wall and trapped emotions.

Your Soul is leading us on this journey and will let Sandi know when it is complete. We trust in the wisdom of you Soul and close out the session and leave you to rest alone to integrate the work that has occurred. You will be resting for about 15 minutes. Prior to returning to talk with you about your session, we will prepare a report for you to take home with you.

Our clients return for additional sessions to complete the process of releasing heart walls and trapped emotions. Between visits you may experience some of the emotions you are releasing, but only for a short time. Your subconscious can release them very quickly, but your physical body is denser and requires additional time to do so. It is during this time you may feel emotional. This is normal. The blends we provide you with will help you during this special time.

Imagine what it will be like to live emotionally authentic and in healthy relationship with yourself and others! Imagine what your life will be like without harmful trapped emotions and addictive behavior patterns. We are all happier living freely, openly and intimately. The journey is a good one and we welcome you to yours. Thank you for the privilege of sharing the road with you.

In light,
Stacia Zadra, RMT