Your Sessions, Your Treatment Plan, and Your Path

Your initial session at Compass Rose will begin with discussion and discovery, and will be followed by an Angelic Reiki healing session. Your sessions at Compass Rose will be for you and about you, and will be led by your Soul.

We will prioritize your acute needs on each visit. You may present to us with acute issues including anxiety, depression, or perhaps emotions related to PTSD or a medical diagnosis. As a result, we may recommend and encourage you to return weekly and then twice monthly until you are feeling stronger and more confident. We will support your choice to set your appointments to meet your financial or scheduling needs.

Each session will be different depending on where you are on your healing journey. For each subsequent session, your treatment plan will be reassessed and provided accordingly. The wonderful news is that you are a work in progress, and checking in with where you are will result in every session set for your highest and best good.

We support each person's choice to pace their sessions with us. You are a having a human experience and sessions here at Compass Rose will benefit what you came into this life to heal, as well as assist you with and manage your day-to-day encounters including relationships, financial and health issues, and - of course - your spiritual journey.

So long as we are in this world and open and sensitive to others, we will continue to benefit from energy healing, much the same as routine visits to a doctor or dentist will serve you. Keeping your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields clear will contribute to your happiness.