Emotion Code for Kids and Teens

Helping Today's Youth with The Challenges They Face

Emotion Code for Kids and Teens

Reiki and Emotion Code are both completely natural and holistic methods for well-being that treat the whole being on all levels. A common misconception is that this kind of energy and healing work is only applicable to adults, who have accumulated more experiences that may have been harmful or left a negative impression than children are believed to have. The truth is that children and teens face a wide range of challenges and it can be difficult for adults to understand their perspective and the impact that experiences of the world can have on them. Reiki and Emotion Code address the root of imbalances, which can be physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual.

Some of the behaviors or situations the may benefit from Reiki and the Emotion Code are:

  • Children or teens who have been bullied or are bullying others
  • High anxiety, sensitivity, or other heightened emotional responses
  • Experiencing the divorce of their parents
  • Those who have experienced abuse (mental, emotional, physical, sexual)
  • Children who will be or have recently received a vaccine
  • Kids/Teenagers expressing symptoms of ADHD, ODD or OCD
  • Adverse effects from a recently received vaccine
  • Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children in need of energetic cleansing and support
  • Self-esteem issues or social issues
  • Children/teens who are struggling with body image issues
  • Children with a chronic illness or other physical dis-ease
  • Children struggling with past lives or spiritual gifts

Even children who aren't suffering from any imbalances can benefit from Reiki and Emotion Code. Sessions not only remove trapped negative emotions and other imbalances that may not yet be affecting the child but also work to maintain a healthy and high-vibrational energy field, which is essential to general well-being.

Recent Feedback for Reiki with Emotion Code Therapy

As someone who was once diagnosed with bipolar disorder and other mental complications, I have found Reiki Infused Emotion Code therapies to be the only effective means of eliminating my "illness". After years of futile medication with long lists of side effects, I turned to Compass Rose for less intrusive means of treatment. As it was, I had three entity attachments that unraveled my thoughts and made it extremely difficult to function. Two sessions later, I was relieved of all three and saw an extreme difference in my ability to focus, remember, and maintain emotional stability. I am a Junior at Gonzaga University and my GPA has increased from a 2.3 to a 3.6, meaning I now have a solid shot at grad school. The change was night to day with the best side-effect of all - happiness. My heart is filled with gratitude for the Reiki practitioners at Compass Rose and I strongly urge others to embrace this wonderful form of healing. - MC, Spokane Washington

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