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Accessing Your Guidance May Be Easier Than You Think

Card readings, when done with intention, are one of the fastest and most simple ways divine guidance we have been seeking or to find answers to our questions. People tend to overlook oracle and tarot cards because the act of using them has been made to seem difficult and esoteric. Most oracle and tarot card layouts, however, are surprising simple and specific instructions are provided with each deck. In fact, many people effectively use the single-card layout when asking for direction.

Oracle deck themes range from Angel guidance to Spirit Animal or Fairy guidance to otherworldly guidance, like the Wisdom of Avalon deck. A few favorites here at Compass Rose are the Sacred Rebels Oracle and the Mother Mary Oracle, though we have many more. There are decks made specifically for daily affirmations and even “yes,” “no,” and “when” type questions.

Tarot cards tend to have a more standard deck (but not always,) though deck themes are still widely varied. While they can be used in many different ways as well, the traditional layouts and history behind Tarot cards is a huge part of their intrigue.

Posted in Compass Rose, Energy, Relationships on Jul 31, 2019