• Embracing Your Weight Loss Journey

    Posted in Compass Rose, Emotional Healing, Growth, Health Coaching on Oct 06, 2023

    In a world that often emphasizes numbers on a scale over self-worth, it’s crucial to remember the profound importance of honoring yourself during your weight loss journey.

  • Holistic Health Coach - Guide and Partner

    Posted in Compass Rose, Emotional Healing, Growth, Health Coaching on Sep 22, 2023

    A holistic health coach serves as a guide and partner in an individual's wellness journey by providing a comprehensive and integrated approach to helping individuals improve their overall health and well-being. Holistic health coaching considers various aspects of a person's life, recognizing the interconnection between physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of health.

  • Embracing the Uniqueness of Our Health Journeys

    Posted in Compass Rose, Growth, Health Coaching on Sep 18, 2023

    In the intricate tapestry of life, our health journeys unfurl as deeply personal narratives, each thread woven with our experiences, choices, and circumstances. Just as no two fingerprints are identical, our paths to well-being are distinctly our own, shaped by a myriad of factors that make us who we are.

  • Building a Strong Bridge: The Mind-Body Connection

    Posted in Compass Rose, Emotional Healing, Health Coaching on Sep 11, 2023


    The bridge between the mind and body is built on self-awareness and nurtured through self-care." - Dr. Ellen Langer

    In the intricate dance of health and well-being, the connection between our mind and body serves as a vital bridge. Dr. Ellen Langer's profound insight reminds us that this bridge is not merely a passive structure but a dynamic creation, woven through the threads of self-awareness and self-care.

    Self-awareness acts as the foundation of this bridge, allowing us to understand and appreciate the subtle cues our body offers. It's the ability to listen to those whispers of discomfort...

  • Beyond The Absence: A Holistic View of Good Health

    Posted in Compass Rose, Health Coaching on Aug 27, 2023

    In our pursuit of well-being, it's easy to narrow our focus solely on the absence of illness. However, the wisdom of J. Donald Walters reminds us that true good health encompasses far more — a harmonious convergence of our mind, body, and spirit.

  • Winter Solstice 2020 and the Golden Age of Aquarius

    Posted in Compass Rose, Emotional Healing, Growth on Dec 14, 2020

    The threshold that comes with the winter solstice is the gift of the coming season, and waits for you to claim it. The gift is for all of us, independently and collectively. While some may be unaware of the opportunity, our soul knows and is working to lead us where we are intended to go. Some may choose to claim the gift of freedom at another time on their soul journey. Both are okay.

  • We Are All Called to Contribute to Our New World

    Posted in Compass Rose, Emotional Healing, Relationships on Dec 01, 2020

    I envision a world where we are at peace. I am ready to experience good news, happy endings, and optimism for all. I want everyone to experience compassion and never know judgement again. I am not alone in this quest for a better world. You are reading this and you, too, have the same passionate prayer in your heart.

  • Creating Our Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, and Our Divine Human

    Posted in Angelic Reiki, Compass Rose, Growth on Oct 26, 2020

    We are in a time of heightened polarities. This is not a new normal, but it is a closure to a Piscean Age that is preceding the incoming Aquarian Age. We are birthing a new age and it is painful and messy. This time is destined to be, and yet it is dependent on humanity’s contribution. It will take as long as it takes humanity to step out of polarity and into unity.

  • Finding Your Sense of Self

    Posted in Compass Rose, Emotional Healing, Growth on Oct 22, 2020


    Having a strong sense of self provides us with emotional fortitude and personal empowerment. Life is better when we experience life as sovereign beings. Having a sense of self allows us to navigate the world with confidence and autonomy.

    What if we have yet to find our true self? Can we gain a sense of self while surrounded by global turbulence? Can we find our center and take charge of our spiritual journey when the world is spinning?

    Many of us are feeling anxiety, despair, and hopelessness because we are energetically connected to each other and to the world. Our collective consciousness i...

  • Have You Answered Your Deepest Calling?

    Posted in Compass Rose, Emotional Healing, Growth on Oct 24, 2019

    A common theme we hear from clients is an intention to be joyful. I find it interesting that our group consciousness is shifting from chaos and confusion to a call to be joyful. Our birthright is to be joyful. Something wonderful is on the horizon. I trust that.

    What gives you joy? Are you feeling inspired to step up and out of the chaos?

    Are you aware of your passion and how you are intended to live this life? Are you in alignment with the assistance you need to fulfill your Soul’s contract?

    There is no skipping of steps to reach one’s calling. Each step has it’s purpose and patience is...