Becoming Love and Light

This year’s Winter Solstice brings the greatest gifts I have ever experienced. After an autumn season filled with strain, I was ready, willing, open and prayerful for change; I wanted so much to feel Peace. We all do. But we’ve come to a critical shifting point and it isn’t enough that we are doing the work. We have to BE the work.

Our most difficult experiences and the adversaries that present them to us are our greatest gifts…but we must open them! We must BE open to them. If we are going to learn and grow from the encounter, we cannot let Fear dilute the Truth or the power we stand in. Fear is a powerful spell but Love and Light are stronger; they are the antidote to Fear’s hallucinations. Fear will drug you, slow you down, and distract you unless you can see it for what it is; an illusion. If you can stand toe-to-toe with your Fear, surrounding yourself and that which appears to oppose you with Love and Light, you will find yourself confident, protected and dis-illusioned. Love is Peace and you are the Light, and when you embrace this and step into your challenges with your cloak of Grace, you will discover that the Fear was never real to begin with.

Knowing my experience is an opportunity for growth and ascension, I am open for clues and guidance. I ask for it daily; what is the missing piece? Why do I know something, but don’t feel its truth? What must I do? We can’t always see the purpose from where we stand and we have to rely on our own intuition and our Guidance for clarity and direction.

With neutral compassion for my adversary, I did what I could from my place of understanding. For the rest, I was guided by Spirit. In a healing, I sent love, light and a message of Wake up, it’s a dream! to my friend. Afterwards I was very different and in need of recalibration. Within a few minutes I was finally at peace.

Please gift yourself by merging with the consciousness of Love and Light. Swim in it, wear it and Be It. And then spread it around. You are the antidote.

Happy, Merry Everything!

Love & Light ~ Stacia

PS. - If you find it difficult to wrap an adversary in Love and Light, have self-compassion and surround the person, situation, place or even the darkest of fears in Archangel Michael’s blue cloak of protection. Surround the planet in this light and let Spirit take over from there. Soon you will be able to send your Love and Light to your most difficult adversary. And then we can all awaken from this dream.

Posted in Compass Rose, Energy, Relationships on Dec 20, 2018