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Children Are Our Future

Children are our future. Doesn’t it make sense that we want all children to reach adulthood with an open heart, free from emotions that would otherwise lead them down difficult paths?

Releasing trapped emotions from heart walls, organs, and chakras and cutting cords to dysfunctional patterns and relationships are just a part of what Sandi and I do for our clients. The “list” of emotional baggage is long, depending on what age a person is. When we work with a child, the history is much shorter. The best news, however, is that when we work with a child the patterns heal, and the future is open for peaceful, loving and productive relationships for a life of love and happiness.

Kids are spiritual beings in "kid suits." They will become our leaders, our care providers, and a part of our culture to provide goods and services. Some will become parents, others will be teachers, and all of them will be citizens of our changing planet. Our children are the future of this planet.  

What can we do for young children and teens to assist them in their growth and maturity? How can we help them to develop into young adults free of childhood issues and emotional wounds ready to meet their full potential?

Our Emotion Code / Reiki sessions are developed specifically for kids and teens facing every day challenges including:

  • Behavior Issues
  • Eating Disorders
  • Fear of Success
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Abandonment Issues
  • Broken Families
  • Health Challenges
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Bullying or Being Bullied
  • Lack of Self Esteem
  • Indigo and Crystal Children

Our services and sessions are not focused on "talk therapy." Rather, our holistic therapies work at a deep level of consciousness. Our clients are able to rest during the sessions and participate at a level that is comfortable for them.  

Call our office to discuss your specific needs and wants. We are here to answer questions and bring healing and quality of life to you and your family.


Stacia Zadra, RMT Founder/Director - Compass Rose, A Holistic Healing Center, Inc

Posted in Angelic Reiki, Emotion Code and Body Code, Growth, Relationships on Jul 31, 2019