Creating Our Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, and Our Divine Human


Can you imagine a world where love and compassion prevails? Can you feel the essence of a soul-driven world where everyone is loved and supported? It’s a beautiful image to consider, but few of us have a reference to give us a sense of how wonderful a peaceful world could be.

We are in a time of heightened polarities. This is not a new normal, but it is a closure to a Piscean Age that is preceding the incoming Aquarian Age. We are birthing a new age and it is painful and messy. This time is destined to be, and yet it is dependent on humanity’s contribution. It will take as long as it takes humanity to step out of polarity and into unity.

Our current experience of shifts, changes, and chaos has caused a sense of loss and despair for many people, and for our global community. These distractions are preventing us from creating the new world that is so close to becoming our reality. The spell we are under is one that we have to be aware of and break free from. Some will need help to do so, others are on the front lines and have paved the way. Freedom is ours to claim.

Over-lighting humanity at this time is a consciousness template that is collective in nature. Within this template is where our outdated emotions, beliefs, attitudes, and opinions are held. They are influencing humankind individually and collectively, locally and globally. We are influenced by decades and centuries of belief systems that define and control us while leading us down a path of behaviors that are keeping us in a pattern that is on “rewind.” The time has come to break free.

It is time to create a new collective consciousness devoted to our Divine Feminine, Divine Masculine, and the Divine Human. Everyone is invited and encouraged to join the movement.

The New World and New Template

Everything we need to move forward in the New World already exists. We need to engage with eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to feel, and the intention to contribute of ourselves and of our communities to fill this new template with our essence of love, peace, compassion, joy, and surrender. Each of us can individually add our own purpose and passion to the new template. This is a template where only love and love’s attributes can exist.

To contribute to this template is how you can serve the world and bring peace to your heart.

Humanity is supported in this endeavor and our efforts will be held in the Grace of the Spiritual Hierarchy. I have always said that the Universe will meet us halfway. The Ascended Master and Angelic realm are waiting for us to step forward with our free will choice.

My experience as a healer gives me absolute faith that all will be well. We are on the threshold of a new beginning. We will know peace, love, and joy. To be here now, to experience renewal with beautiful souls, and to celebrate our collective success will be a miracle come true.

Posted in Angelic Reiki, Compass Rose, Growth on Oct 26, 2020