Have You Answered Your Deepest Calling?

A common theme we hear from clients is an intention to be joyful. I find it interesting that our group consciousness is shifting from chaos and confusion to a call to be joyful. Our birthright is to be joyful. Something wonderful is on the horizon. I trust that.

What gives you joy? Are you feeling inspired to step up and out of the chaos?

Are you aware of your passion and how you are intended to live this life? Are you in alignment with the assistance you need to fulfill your Soul’s contract?

There is no skipping of steps to reach one’s calling. Each step has it’s purpose and patience is an earned quality for one’s endeavors. I’ve always said that the Universe will meet us half way. I trust that because I experience it. We must take the steps to reach that halfway mark, and help is all around us. Inspiration and motivation is available to those who ask AND receive.

What is involved to reach one’s calling? Healing. We are called to and empowered to heal our wounds, our human experience, and transcend the limitations that keep us stuck. Some limitations are self inflicted. Others, are “gifts” from friends and adversaries. Whatever the source, however deep and wide the wounds are, we are ALL intended to heal.

My intent is to inspire and motivate you to choose joy, unification, and peace in the coming season. Make a commitment to your Self to heal all that holds you back.

There are so many conditions that will generate joy, peace and happiness. We wish you Perfect Health, Perfect Wealth, Perfect Love and Perfect Self Expression in every coming day. We wish you and yours a beautiful holiday season.

Posted in Compass Rose, Emotional Healing, Growth on Oct 24, 2019