Healing the Human Experience

Simply stated, the human experience is not one to be taken lightly. There are good times and there are difficult times. We will each experience joy, bliss, and even ecstasy. Betrayal, loss, grief, and abandonment will also be on the menu; and experiences of health, relationship, and financial matters will affect our human experience, as well. These day to day and life to life events are intended as opportunities for human development AND spiritual growth.

We are all equally empowered to choose how we respond to our challenges. Many of us are programmed to react in difficult ways. It is our choice to respond with fear, lack and limitation, or anger to name a few of our most common human emotions. Seemingly endless experiences can cause anxiety, depression, illness and defeat. In time, and for having “done the work," the learned response will be led by faith, courage and gratitude.

Eventually, and with the help of a loving observer or professional counselor, we can each can begin to find our way back to peace. In my experience, working with a spiritually centered healer is a truly meaningful path to Soul-guided peace. I personally know this is a genuinely profound and love centered way to heal from the human experience.

To heal is to become whole again. To be healed is to be of unified body, mind and spirit. The path is not one to be taken alone, but to be taken with supportive, compassionate beings who have walked the path before you. I know both personally and professionally that it is vital to choose a healer who has lived the human experience, and who have healed from their own challenges. A true healer is one who has come through his or her own joys and struggles with compassionate presence.

In this learn and earn game of life, Sandi and I have been blessed with skills and abilities to assist our clients on their road to healing from their human experience. Our continuing growth allows us the tools and guidance to lovingly coach our brothers and sisters to attain their highest human potential and know peace again. I am filled with gratitude that I am living my true potential.

Posted in Angelic Reiki, Emotion Code and Body Code, Emotional Healing on Jul 30, 2019