Insights on Judgment

From the power of observation where I seek to understand, I’ve gained clarity of the human trait of judgment. We all have experiences of judging and being judged. This ego-driven behavior is never positive and it leaves residue. The residue holds us back, and it trickles down and out to our families, our communities and our world.

How did we become judgmental? Why have we been judged? Before judgment there was guilt. I understand from witnessing too much buried judgment the underlying emotion of guilt. 

Guilt projected becomes Judgment

To be free of this most difficult emotion, go within and find your guilt. Next, be willing to let it go. While you could say “I’ll try”, or “It’s not easy to do that!”, consider this: express your willingness to release guilt. Give it to your Guides, as they are waiting to assist you. 

Being a part of the puzzle of humanity and earth school, your residual ego-based emotions are holding you and others back.  

Turn guilt into loving self acceptance and let judgment evolve into wisdom and discernment. Start there today - if you are willing. You don’t have to do this alone. There is help waiting if you ask. In doing so, you will experience a miracle in an instant.

~ Stacia

Posted in Emotional Healing, Relationships on Jul 31, 2019