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Now More Than Ever, We Need Tools

The events taking place in the world today are an aspect of the major shifts taking place for our human evolution.

This shift is happening whether we participate in it or not. The Divine Plan is in order, all is as it should be.

Now, keep in mind that individual human consciousness and group consciousness are having an effect on the chaos.And trust that in spite of ourselves the Divine Plan for earth’s ascension, as well as our individual ascension is on target.

What you do have "control" over, however, is how you will participate in the healing of our planet and yourSelves. Hopefully, you feel called to step up to the raised bars and participate in the now global events that are taking us into the next age.

Our Compass Rose calling is to assist you on your journey

To assist you and to mentor you on your journey we offer classes and workshops to heal your human experience and raise your vibration. Each of us has an opportunity to reach fifth dimensional consciousness in this lifetime. We can become Soul Conscious and lead a life of peace, love, cooperation, abundance and prosperity.

How is this possible?

Third dimensional consciousness means we are living a focused five-sensory, externally charged and physical life. We can apply fifth dimensional consciousness to our third dimensional reality and learn to lead with 5D co-creativity and present moment experiences.

5D living produces perfect health, perfect wealth, perfect love and perfect self expression

Each of us at Compass Rose are committed to your ascension.

Ascension is actually Descension

Our evolutionary goal is to raise our vibration (ascension) and become Soul conscious (descension) rather than remain 3D Body Conscious beings. What’s not to like about that?

The shift IS happening. All IS in Divine order. Are you ready to continue your Soul’s journey with intention and change your reality? The time is NOW more than ever.

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Posted in Compass Rose, Energy, Growth on Jul 31, 2019