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The Gift of Free Will

Each of us, as spiritual beings embarking on a human experience, are given the irrevocable gift of Free Will. Earth is a Free Will Zone. As sovereign beings, we are independently free to experience life without interference from any divine being, including our personal guidance and guardian angels. The exception would be our personal prayer to our guidance for a divine intervention.

Free Will allows us to experience life’s lessons and opportunities for spiritual growth. Free Will often results in Karma when our choices affect or bless another person or group of people. In our changing times, Karma is due and receivable immediately. The balancing of scales happens across time and space and in current time.

Your Free Will can not be violated by anyone or any being without your permission. This should always be a conscious choice, although it can happen without your awareness and not produce a good result for you. This is important to understand as you begin your healing process at Compass Rose, including your opportunities within the templates opened during a Soul Guidance Sacred Mentoring™ session. Your independence requires you to step up, take responsibility, and claim that which you intend for your healing sessions. This is an experience of “Ask and you shall receive.”

Sandi and Stacia will mentor and guide you to discern the best and the highest potential for your healing goals. Your task is to receive and live the healing you receive; and in doing so, you have begun the journey to create the life you want to live. Congratulations and welcome to your new life.

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Posted in Emotional Healing, Growth, Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring on Jul 30, 2019