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The Mother Wound

Lately, and very often, Sandi and I are talking with clients about issues that leads to a common thread. It's a good thing, really, in that what must surface for our conscious awareness is a blessing we won't want to resist.


Some of us talk of not being nurtured by our mother. Others speak of abandonment or abuse. I am coming to understand the underlying issue is the spiritual loss and grief we are all feeling. Because we are human, we project these emotions onto our biological mother or the mother figure who "wasn't there for us."

The time is here and we are being gifted with an opportunity step out of our pain and into the embrace of absolute and unconditional love. We can heal our familial relationships with an understanding that we do the best we can with our limited awareness.

Through meditations and insight I am coming to understand that our loss is not limited to our childhood experiences. The grief we are feeling and reacting to is related to the loss of our relationship with our Cosmic Mother. The beloved Mother to all of us; who comes through as many cultures and many faces, and in as many ways as we need to recognize her. She is back within our consciousness waiting to be birthed into our lives again.

We could say, "She's back!", and be correct in our thinking. For too many reasons, theories and for as many purposes, our Divine Mother has not been present as She will be now. The emergence of the Divine and Sacred Feminine brings our Divine Mother into our conscious awareness and everyday living. The truest, most loving and nurturing Being is with us now to heal our planet and each of us. Our task is to let her in.

This loss is an old one. Through the merging awareness and welcomed emergence of the Divine Cosmic Mother, the wounds are surfacing and the time has arrived for us to embrace Her. This is where our hearts will be healed. We will remember in an instant who we are and how loved we are. The Mother Wound is an illusion that will be healed as we birth our individual Sacred Feminine and be embraced by the Cosmic Mother who loves us unconditionally.

~ Stacia Zadra, RMT

Posted in Emotional Healing, Growth, Relationships on Jul 31, 2019