The Positive Side of "Negative" Beings

The experience of human nature is, even at its worst, genuine in its absence of neutral ability and at its best often resembles a whirlpool of emotional delirium. We are here to experience the duality of light and dark, to learn from the magnetism of opposites and attempt to find neutrality and peace within the chaos of it.

There is growth to be had from understanding not only our own shadow, the "unenlightened" side of ourselves, but from those who act as a shadow to humanity, those beings who contracted to hold a lower vibration for part or all of their incarnation, as well. While it’s true that the light and the dark are complete opposites of each other, it’s also true that one could not exist without the other; there must be light for a shadow to even exist and without the dark, light would be indistinguishable. Those who choose to hold the light, to raise their vibration and that of the planet through ascension and example, owe much of their experience to what is referred to as "dark", "low vibrational" or "imbalanced".

The truth is this; we could not appreciate the light if we had no other experience than light. No one gets to be a torchbearer if there is no windowless dungeon to illuminate. It is the dual nature of our species that allows for such tremendous expansion during our time here and such growth would be an impossibility if someone hadn’t offered to play the bad guy. The "grey", the "bad" the whatever else we call those around us who do harm or spread negativity are not evil; all of our souls came from the same Source and we’re all made of exactly the same stuff. There was an agreement made, at some point, to be noble adversaries during this lifetime, as we challenge and agitate them just as much as they do us.

There’s still no good reason to remain in the presence of anyone who is harmful or draining, whether it be emotionally, energetically or physically. But while we disengage and distance ourselves from those we feel are a negative presence, it’s important that we recognize the role they are playing for us in our lives and to appreciate the fact that our learning experience requires that they be exactly who they are and do exactly what they’re doing, whether we agree with it or not. More often than not, those who oppose us or even attack us are here to help us grow, to keep us on our toes while helping us strengthen our own spiritual "muscle", if you will, through clarity and the endurance of faith, regardless of what is thrown our way.

"Times are interesting – to put it mildly. This is the time many of us have waited for and arrived on Earth to witness and participate in. I am writing today to offer insight and to encourage each of you to get your protection and filter systems in working order.

I am not writing out of fear here. Quite the opposite! I am saying that while we continue to ascend in consciousness and vibration, we become "more interesting" to those of the dark. I also want to emphasize that "dark" is not necessarily bad. Beings of the dark are doing what they came here to do, fulfilling their contracts and living their job descriptions. They are likely unaware of their assignments, as many of us were unaware of ours until recently."~Stacia

Posted in Energy, Growth on Jul 31, 2019