Yesterday was a difficult day as I let go of Titus as he crossed over into the heaven worlds. I held him, nurtured him and loved him as he passed through the veil, and as the world entered the Winter Solstice. Titus was more than an amazing Being. He was a Healer, Soul Guardian to many Compass Rose clients, and Divine Complement to Amara. Titus accompanied me on hundreds of healing sessions, many with long-time Compass Rose family member Sandi Fornwalt. In time, Titus “taught” Amara how to be in my treatment room during client sessions. I will always believe, however, that Amara joined us five years ago with a keen understanding of her incoming role at Compass Rose. Perhaps she humored Titus as she was more in charge than his student.

For more than eleven years, Titus was a beloved addition to Compass Rose. His health issues including diabetes and arthritis made it difficult for him to maintain his “cat suit” any longer.

Titus, Russell, and Amara each fill a unique role at Compass Rose. I suspect Titus will maintain his presence in a sweet spirited way at Compass Rose in the years to come.

Sincere gratitude to Dr. Annika Benedetto at SouthCare Animal Medical Center for her loving and compassionate care she provided to Titus during his health care journey and on his last day.

Thank you, Titus, for being my Soul Mate, and for finding me again in this lifetime.

~~ Stacia

Posted in Compass Rose, Grief and Loss on Dec 22, 2023