We Are All Called to Contribute to Our New World

I envision a world where we are at peace. I am ready to experience good news, happy endings, and optimism for all. I want everyone to experience compassion and never know judgement again. I am not alone in this quest for a better world. You are reading this and you, too, have the same passionate prayer in your heart.

I absolutely believe, trust and know a peaceful world is waiting for us. Humanity is asked to do its part individually and collectively. We are on the right path, despite the chaos around us. The distraction offered by information sources and channels of misinformation are the reminder for each of us of the work to do and the promise that is held for us. The distraction represents the darkest hour before a new and promised dawn. What we are witnessing is extreme polarity and an opportunity to turn a corner. Both are true.

The unrest exhibited in this country and throughout the world is hard to watch, and a joy to witness at the same time. There would be some sorting necessary to clear out the darkest, yet the beauty lies in the sacredness of the rebellion being expressed in search of a better world. I applaud the rebels while praying for their safety and asking the Angelic Realm to hover over them with grace and victory.

We are experiencing a revelation of sorts to allow us to choose again. Our choice begins with ourselves. We are encouraged to heal ourselves and our planet. As a collective we are being empowered to create a new world. We are not alone in this venture as we are supported by a spiritual hierarchy committed to our success.

We are asked to have faith and trust that all is unfolding according to a greater wisdom that will serve us all.

My personal journey is one that has my soul is on lead. As I live this soul conscious life, I aspire to serve the divine, my brothers, and my sisters sharing this transformative experience of the incoming Aquarian age.

I encourage all of us to aspire to express divinity always; and to harm no one, not by word or deed. We all must be conscious of our power to lift another and be that gift of empowerment without conditions. We can all divorce ourselves from projected disharmony and strife. Take the time everyday to appreciate our earth and our Mother. Commit to taking care of your body for the temple it is. Spirit works through us and a clear and harmonious temple is one that can be a vessel of life, love and light for everyone to benefit from.

Speak only of gratitude and joy, and prepare yourself for an abundance of gifts from Spirit. Always be gentle in your words and actions. Commit daily to Spirit to be a channel of inspiration for others allowing them to be lifted from their weary paths.

Always be humble and loving towards self and others. Be vigilant for the healing of your life, the life of others, and for the evolution and transformation of this planet.

Relinquish judgement and in its place be discerning, compassionate and love others unconditionally. No one needs to earn love. We all are Spirit actualized and we are born to love and be loved unconditionally. To live a life of discernment, and be joyful and grateful is our natural way of being. Don’t fight it any longer. If you need help, ask Spirit. Reach out to another brother or sister who has made the trek you are beginning. Be vulnerable, humble and open to claim your sovereignty. In doing this, you will know peace. You will be peace, and you will be an ambassador for the new world.

We are all facing new challenges. You may need help to understand, heal and integrate the guidance offered here. The shift is simple, but it may not be easy to begin. Please reach out to us at Compass Rose Healing Arts to connect and heal, either on site or remotely. We are here to serve. We honor you and your life path.

Posted in Compass Rose, Emotional Healing, Relationships on Dec 01, 2020