We Are Taught That We Deserve Nothing

Have you felt "under fire" of late, perhaps in for a complete remodel of sorts? Our bodies, our minds and emotions are being recalibrated to match the Grace that is coming in. This is the time of our ascension. We are being gifted with a clean slate if we choose to walk through the doors opening before us.

Our daily lives and relationships are scheduled for upgrades. With these upgrades we can experience stress, fatigue, frustration, and loss. I am encouraging you to not fight this.

My ongoing experience is to recognize what is occurring, hold on and go with it. This transition isn’t easy; and I believe with every cell in my body, that the outcome will be beyond what we can imagine.

Caroline Myss teaches the works of Teresa of Avila. We are taught that we deserve nothing. I remember when Caroline said this how harsh it felt to me, and how harshly she delivered this Truth. I have come to understand that "deserve" is a close relative to words like entitlement, lack and limitation, and "mine." These thought systems are products of the Ego. These traits lead us to suffering because they are attached to expectation.

Caroline goes on to teach that while we deserve nothing, we have Faith. Faith is a close relative to All That Is and All That Will Be. While faith can cause alarm in our spiritual infancy, once learned and EXPERIENCED, it’s a great gift. Faith comes to us like breathing. Faith is as natural to our Spirits as lack and limitation is to our Ego.

Giving up our Ego traits and stepping into Faith with maturity, resolve, and in alignment with our Spirit will set us free. Let go of the limitations of your Ego/Personality and step into all that you are meant be. Our Highest Potential is here, now.

~~ Stacia

Posted in Growth, Sacred Contracts on Jul 31, 2019