You've Got This


Nearly everyday, I see and hear from people telling their stories of 2023. They talk of loss, chaos, tragedies on many levels including relationships, health and finances. I know, because I also experienced a difficult collapse in 2023. Rifts precede shifts, break downs precede “aha moments”, life-changing healings and new beginnings.

Without going into details, let me say that my world completely collapsed in 2023 presenting challenges and opportunities to redirect and refocus my priorities. My priorities include my personal spiritual growth and leadership at Compass Rose Healing Arts.

As my collapse occurred, and my body registered the full-on velocity presented to me, I knew immediately that this could break me or strengthen me. I chose the latter, resulting in even greater strength, perseverance, sense of purpose and dedication to my work at Compass Rose.

I no longer plan on or expect “what was”, but I do focus on and attract what is intended to be, and what will be. Spirit wants us to recognize our innate birthright to co-create our Soul’s desire to be in alignment with our True Selves. To know who we truly are sets our course on what is destined for each of us. We are each destined to awaken from the human experience of “before” and align with what we set out to do in this lifetime.

We are set to clear karma, align with our Higher Selves, assist others and ascend. This is possible in this lifetime, and we can do this together.

Contracts with others end, new ones begin, healing occurs, and courses are corrected as our priorities shift to our best and highest potential. This is guaranteed, and either we go with the flow, or we resist the flow. Resistance never works.

2024 will provide the means to shift our lives from “then to now” allowing us to live in the present time like never before.

Compass Rose Healing Arts and her course of service includes a flow-driven realignment to the Mystery School of Light. I don’t have all the answers to each and every mystery, but I am in alignment with the guidance that will ensure the insight I need to guide you on your path of awakening, healing, enlightenment and destiny. For this reason, I experienced my 2023 collapse. For this reason, I am here to serve from a higher altitude with greater strength.

I look forward to serving you as you traverse 2024 with courage, strength and fortitude. You’ve got this.

Posted in Compass Rose, Emotional Healing, Personalized Lifestyle Mentorship, Relationships, Soul Guidance & Sacred Mentoring on Jan 12, 2024